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  1. I used to see the black flat trash cars years ago with BFTX marks (Bill Frank Transportation). They had either trash or what's called C & D (construction and demolition debris) in them. They were all grilled, I rarely found a spot on them I was comfortable hitting. Some C & D cars come through my area now but they all have big ridges and are no fun to paint.
  2. Romania is out too, there have been some deaths there. Even if you factor out Ceaucescu.
  3. I love those "Way to Happiness" trash cars with the bible sayings or whatever they are. No flick but one of them said "Take Care of Yourself" and somebody wrote "you too mang". Another one said "Murder". I'm guessing somebody buffed a "Do Not" or something above it.
  4. Just wanted to rant in public about how the new format on Flickr SUCKS ASS. Change it back you morons!!
  5. I just want to put a 3D and some effects on that RJ Corman logo.
  6. TVC still rockin. Not enough people understand how OG this crew is. Pay attention kids.
  7. That rek stuff is horrible. Way to live down to your name. Please do some blackbook work with letters before marring the trains.
  8. I hear ya on the speed, but blurry flicks just aren't worth it.
  9. Nobody caught that Chewbacca?
  10. Nice! Bout time this thread came back.
  11. Yeah I just got one of those and I didn't recognize the logo either. Have to do some homework
  12. The Master of All Blasters! It's tribute season...put the man up.
  13. Well if you're laid up and can't be sinking layups, you might as well bench the layups.
  14. 42...Isn't that the meaning of life or some shit?
  15. Is that a fake Mone up there? Change your name son. Mone BFK RIS AOK is the real, do some recognizing please.
  16. Lot of faggotry on this thread... 1) Nice job Kink for clipping that Nace. Real class. 2) I'm not a big fan of Whistleblower writing in or clipping pieces, but worse than that is ragging him when he's hitting up RIP Conrail Twitty. I'll line that frowny-faced bitch more often now. 3) Anyone calling Myth a toy just shrank themselves down to insect staus. Talk about playing yourself. 4) If you hate so-and-so, don't write their name, even to say "Fuck so-and-so." It still gives them shine. Never write your enemy's name. 5) Making threads to diss a particular writer is corny as fuck and I'm thinking of banning the next person who does it. Hmmm...
  18. Downgrade to amateur today!
  19. Online beef, bad form, keep it to PMs or better yet the actual non-cyber streets. Closed
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