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  1. Re: Re: whats the youngest a girl could be and youd still hit it? ok thats worse. he was 3 years older your guys are up to 10 years older.
  2. same thing im 19 she's 17, catches me some flak but we've ben goin out for 3 years so fuck em.
  3. rip

    asian spas/massage parlors

    o yeah when i was at keesler in biloxi mississippi there was this asain massage parlor down there. hit that shit up around 11 12, 70 get you what ever you want for 30 minutes. in there tearin that shit up.
  4. rip

    asian spas/massage parlors

    goto a hair cut shop in korea. we call em juicey bars in the military. little off the top little off the top if youo know what i mean, if you dont it means get your hair cut and get head.
  5. rip


    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill Maher put it perfectly: "At least the French have the balls to stand up to the Bush Administration, unlike the Democrats." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how did the french stand up to the bush administration?
  6. rip


    heres some research for you we barley get any oil from the middle east. almost all comes from north america. mainly canada. so there you go dumb ass. looks like you might want to read some more.
  7. rip


    he's talkin to secret.
  8. rip


    me too
  9. rip

    Day of Defeat.

    yeah i know who need games thatll make you lazy when you have a computer.
  10. rip

    Day of Defeat.

    yeah it is. also check out battle field 1942
  11. rip

    Day of Defeat.

    im cornfused....?
  12. rip

    Day of Defeat.

    he is a h4x0|2
  13. rip

    wow I just got hit on

  14. rip


    lol ahahahahaha. this is almost as good as the talklin shit in the ADD chat.
  15. rip

    Criminal records.... anybody?

    fought my dad infront of 2 cops who brought me home one night, he didnt even wait for the cops to leave to start hittin me so we got down and the cops had to pull us a part shit was funny.