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  1. i always start talking about midgets and short people when im around these two female twin midgets i catch my self once whats said is said then i just look away.
  2. . . . . . . . . . . Free crack pipes to be handed out in Vancouver http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2011/07/31/bc-crackpipes.html
  3. http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t2 .R.i.P
  4. selling wax to really junk'd out people to drink!
  5. Doing in and out's with the neighborhood kids from clothing stores too cornerstones too pawn shops didn't matter what you grabbed just as long as you got something!
  6. I hate the toolbar at the bottom of the page!
  7. What is a good movie streaming site with out all the bullshit?
  8. At-least he aint pissing on bitches or touching little kid's!
  9. How do your leg's fit in those pant's! Dope
  10. Vancouver WA or Vancouver BC?
  11. I hate spider's and when i walk threw a web i run like 4-5 feet ahead and flail and jump up and down a couple time's And height's and height's in video games you should check out just couse 2 for xbox 360! makes my stomach turn & puking because i feel like ima stop breathing! i also have to be outside when puking i cant be inside at the time of puking i think i get claustrophobic at the same time ironic because i like drinking And of course getting shots or freezing when at the dentist And getting jumped or beat up couse i dont have a chest plate so a hit to the center of my chest can kill me!
  12. We Get Fake Paper 1 Dollar Bills From The Strip Club To Give Em!
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