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  1. if that dude spain is on here get at me...
  2. Re: Don't Call it Frisco that japan shit is hottt
  3. that crafy shit sucks and them last 3 people ain't even from philly
  4. hahahaha i'd take being a legend then a king anyday you are a moron, the fact that you guys come in here and talk about how dope someone is or how shitty they are boggles my mind. man oh man LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!!!! hahahahaha
  5. Please post them, i posted this in metal heads but was told to try again here. It's for a zine no faces will be shown or anything like that i just need it well for the image it self. If interested post them on here or pm me it would be greatly appreciated if not i can understand thanks.
  6. na im pretty well rounded, im not some new kid on the block i was put on by some pretty well known freight writers i recently havejust been getting my feet wet i guess, im doing a zine that covers pretty much everything im interested in and just wanted some photos.
  7. Of you or your friends hop'n freights can you post them or email me them, im trying to start a new zine and i have no photos of kids doing tis. If you can post some it would be greatly appreciated if not i can understand.
  8. Re: Don't Call it Frisco yo drunkpunch your a fool, na philly hands and the bus hopper hands dont really justkinda in the same with tradition i like it i think they look grimey as shit and its kinda dope looking. Like we write tall and skinny and those bus hopper hands are just long and drawn out it's dope good looks 666legs ill check it out.
  9. Re: Don't Call it Frisco post more defeat shit, i'm from philly and i write it i didn't think anyone else in the world did i never seen it before. Sucks that the guy passed R.I.P. but can people post what they got, did this guy have a lot of shit? again no disrespect i got nothing but love for SF style graffiti and kids. I'm real into that bus hopper shit with your hands it's grimey as shit and ill and some of the fills but im rambling please post more defeat shit, remio adek cake and whoever else
  10. ATTN LIQUID PM ME.....why did you go over my friend mushy?
  11. The internet ruined graffiti, gave people way to big of egos and made geeks able to give their 2cents such as myself. Everyone needs to go take a walk write on soemthing and let off some steam.
  12. hahaha i fucking hate this thread, i'm done peace
  13. Actually i write DEFEAT DHS NLS pussy and if you have a problem VS me or fight me.. don't act hard online it gets you know where. And may i ask what you write cause please inlighten me since im only 10....those d.e. boys are on the come up. I can take a guess as what you write ethier see or steez am i right? you sound like a fucking cop half the time anyway so stop worrying about my post and post some actual philly shit your making us look like a bunch of clowns,okay thanks.
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