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  1. Re: the F R A N K F U R T G E R M A N Y - S U P E R T H R E A D shok was sick
  2. thats classy right hurrrrrrr.
  3. the point is its subjective to the person doing it. But in all reality, there's more writers that came up bumpin hip hop then there are writers who where bumpin fishbone. Lets be real. Again, it only seems like the ones who listen to fishbone are the ones crying out loud "we aint hip hop". Its like, "SO WHAT" stop complaining. What bothers me is when a writer I watch come up over the years and get good at their craft all the sudden start thinking his personal opinions matter, they don't. No more then anyones personal opinions when your lookin at a piece. I wanna look at a guy
  4. Some people just stright suck. Is there no care for being good at your craft anymore? Or is it jsut fuckin shit up ?
  5. graffiti is hip hop. unless YOUR not hip hop. Seems like a silly statement unless you blatently have something wrong with it. Same as saying graffiti is NOT rebellious. When in reality it is, only depending on the idividual doing it. Lets be real, graffiti is no more hip hop then it ISNT hip hop. A waste of an argument overall. Why even bother saying it? Rime is known for his contradictions anyways no?
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