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  1. sneaking lagers into the mummers museum.
  2. seeing everybody glued to their phones all the time, and remembering how life wasn't like that growing up. being one of the seemingly dying breed to actually prefer reading an actual book, and not on a kindle or phone.
  3. true. tpbm didn't dress up for halloween this year.
  4. my people just told me it's going down at condom kingdom this saturday night.
  5. you go Ralph! that's seriously awesome. thing of all the damage you avoided placing on your body. congrats dude!
  6. If anyone has a problem, I'll be at Woody's, and you can say it to my face.
  7. why put a nice flannel over the tire?
  8. clicked for the comments, you guys never disappoint. well-done.
  9. Troll dolls are good luck. I have a few in a safety deposit box at the bank, suppose I should take them with me, or put one on the dashboard on my car.
  10. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to my beanie baby collection. best believe i have insurance on that.
  11. Pro, you are wise. I'm hoping the new job will give me some kind of structure. I feel I have trouble being an adult almost all of the time.
  12. so from that last time a week ago, i guess i was acting really stupid(drunk)...word spread fast, and i feel really embarrassed. possibly tarnished my reputation a bit. sucks.
  13. Bugsex, what state? Not gonna lie, that Hot N' Ready is tight.
  14. many people do try to break those in a fit of rage, but this man avoided tickets in the funnest way possible, til the party ended.. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/making-a-monkey-of-police/story-e6freuy9-1225772164619
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