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  1. enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty apartment. hanging out and watching on demand.
  2. cancerdancer always has good stuff in the nonsense thread. what did he do anyway? and toiletseat? I'm voting to unban both,
  3. thanks for the shoutout homie. Hope you're having an awesome holiday season. be safe and enjoy, seems ya always do.
  4. relevant. Medicate yourself, You'll feel much better Take those drugs again, They'll take you higher Smoke your cigarettes for stress Drink more just to feel less This must feel like paradise But better As if any of those squareheads Know better They wish they have the guts, Glory and power If only they could think less Lay the pages of their book to rest Keep our little minds open, Feel better We'll drink to this today, Until it goes away We'll pray and feel ashamed Until another day It's better that we're tamed That pain will leave you lame I'd rather be good and numb Before I'm maimed You're stubborn like your parents And their mothers You're selfless, sometimes rude But it don't matter They all think you can do no wrong You've just been unlucky, you've been wronged You're waiting for your time Things will be brighter They dose those schoolboys and their mothers I'm sure they even dose each other What's the worse that can happen, tell me brother Why not throw in the towel and have another?
  5. when you hear a song so good, all you wanna do is listen to it on repeat.
  6. cute face, so i'm leaning toward smash.
  7. Dear Sizes, Feel better homegirl. Wishing you much better health ASAP. Hate to see you suffer. You're good people, and the worst shit always happens to the good ones. Meanwhile jerks get all the luck. Dear best friends, Psyched for your visit, and stoked to see my favorite dog! Dear Roommate, Blasting Marilyn Manson? Really? Are you a 14 year old goth chick? Go back to the mall. Dear Cover Letters, You are the worst ever to write. just the worst. Dear New Crush, Thanks for showing up and giving my brain a place to daydream, it's a nice break from reality. Crushes also make me feel young again, I love not feeling my age, but then again I never really grew up. I'm still gonna go with word up on that. dear oontzers, have a good weekend dudes and dudettes!
  8. fucccck those are all so good. needs own thread.
  9. ^seconded. Love when you meet a new woman you have a crush on. Makes life seem less horrible.
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