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  1. going to subway is like eating a sandwich with a condom on it.
  2. * DAOubtful. I have never once given my money to the fudgepackers at geno's. Fuck that tourist trap/all around ignorance b.s. I'll go to PJ's in Port Richmond, and get a steak AND a can of soda for like $5.25
  3. Just like to take the time here to say FUCK GENO'S! http://quizmasterchris.blogspot.com/2011/08/dumb-fat-racist-fuck-joey-vento-dies.html What can one say about a man who claimed to love America and yet hung the Confederate "Stars and Bars" battle flag in his shop, a flag representing a violent, racist attempt to destroy the federal government... and a deliberate provocation to what few black customers he had. What can one say about a man who claimed to want everyone to speak English, yet had extreme difficulty stringing together a sentence in that or any other language, and whose T-shirts and bumper stickers "promoting" English managed to misuse simple punctuation. What can one say about a man who served food that Mexicans have the good taste to skip and yet posted signs to discourage their business. What can one say about a man who claimed to love Philadelphia but chose not to live here, and in fact couldn't bring himself to reside in Pennsylvania. What can one say about a man who used someone else's name for his business and didn't even spell it correctly. What can one say about a man who made money from tourists from all over the world and yet complained that he had trouble taking their orders. What can one say about a dickhead who loudly decried the immigration which saved the street his business is located upon from becoming an empty, scary ghetto. http://philly.eater.com/archives/2012/08/13/even-in-death-joey-vento-is-a-racist-jerk.php also, this isn't vegas, how tiny does your penis have to actually be to have that huge obnoxiously lighted decor?
  4. I never steal anything, it's just not worth it. Not gonna risk anything for some bullshit I could easily pay for. But for some people, that rush you get when doing it is probably somewhat similar to the feeling you get when you drink, a rush, a sense of feeling alive. Your body craves the excitement and the rush of endorphins. Another thing to be careful of, and try to not do, much like trying not to drink. take a step back and examine why you want to do it, the reasons behind it, and what you could do instead in a more positive choice.
  5. Thanks for the shoutout dude! I'm all about a boat party, that sounds soooo much fun. If only I could get there. drat. also, quit playin' with your dhingy...
  6. ItchyFooted+Mutha+2iF2HT-a2G6l.jpg[/img]
  7. video looks gnarly! next level with the aerial footage. looks like you put in a lot of work, def want one.
  8. actually i like some of that stuff. but stop pretending you're not him.
  9. nice flix gent. my comp sucks. got to post one link before it froze up like a lazy bastard.
  10. realizing the reason i drink is because it numbs dealing with reality, an off switch in a sense. rather than deal with it in a clear mentality. Bugging about the future instead of just letting it happen. I see how impatient i am sometimes, and how I just can't shrug things off. work brings out a real mean streak in me that makes me want to dull it at the bar, but it also shows me the great qualities of myself that shine while sober. day and night. Struggling yet again, but taking personal inventory to determine what's going on in a very introspective way. a constant battle. I've been trying hard to make little goals and getting where I need to be. I've moved like 4 times this year, and again in a few months. Gotta deal with my health problems(another I've been ignoring through booze, ignorantly ignoring to shut out the realness of other heavy things coming down.) gotta take some tests and see if i'm ok. Just been feeling symptoms, and trying to cover them with booze. If they come back positive, I'll have to not drink for another month. That's fine, maybe it'll kick me into shape again, I just don't want it to be what it is. denial is a mofo. Just airing my dirty laundry...trying to get a better grasp on what's going on. It can be confusing, I'm sure you all know.
  11. ^ might as well have been. I used to have the little push machine that made the spaghetti shapes. bachelor then, and a bachelor now. not for me, but I have to say that my socks barely ever match and i am not a fan of grocery shopping. tpbm is posting from somewhere other than home.
  12. you can get it at your local urban outfitters for $70.
  13. hope ill is rockin this shirt in the clouds. rip.
  14. word traveled fast. there was a writer's bench at the pleasure chest, and this thread was all the commotion.
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