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  1. shaking my cranium, side to side kermit emoji hah
  2. not like i really care if you keep posting your dirt at the end of the day, but ill entertain ya once more good, bad, or terrible - point is, were trying to differentiate (consequently discriminating) between "graff" & "street art" stickers. to clarify, we are aware of the oh-so-perplexing paradox that comes in distinguishing the synonymous categories. theres also the double standard with this sticker shit too - if some world-famous writer (doing actual graff) made some artsy stickers, people would be all over it, while if some tpwf put up a bunch of cute hello kitty stickers that were equally bad, most wouldnt talk shit. who cares, though - because if thats considered a real problem in ones life, theyhave it pretty good that novel being written, yours is just low-level "slaps" from people who havent done shit & miscellaneous tpwf stickers out of graffiti glam package
  3. false - myspace tpbm frequents the obituaries to see who wasnt old
  4. doug stanhopes tribute to chyna :tearsofjoy:
  5. it means he likes you bro :heartribbon: that must not have been a very observant 14 years
  6. although theyre wack, i somewhat respect his ocd, laser-like focus.. it doesnt make the stickers any better, though. i also never said he should stop posting (not like hell listen, nor should he - since its "graff") posting results in feedback - if he cant take criticism, he shouldnt post (& by him, i mean you). others arent obligated to live a lie/accept mediocrity because his feelings are sooOO precious. its a chilly message board & ya need thicker skin. do what you gotta do but just dont cry when people call your ass out
  7. false tpbm thought they were acquiring xanax but it turned out to be xanox
  8. imma go do that now - twas a long fuckin day
  9. when your boy with the whip gets greedy with the cart so you indefinitely nickname him uber
  10. philosophy majors = useless fucks
  11. upon fast food, i sometimes get fish, chicken, & beef at once - for a complete, trilateral, saturated experience shoutout to the 445s
  12. ya done pulled through for him :handfist: a good memory was when some dude was looking for the classic photo of oldschool markers all lined up & people were obliging, after drawing dicks on ms paint
  13. hahaha real shit, though - as much work as dude puts into posting in this hea thread, its constantly terrible. at this point, i think ravens happy anyones even posting
  14. goof troop, every episode: I FUCKIN HATE YOU DAD. HOW COME I DON"T HAVE A MOM!?
  15. sweet retarded green shoes to match my monster energy drink brah
  16. very nice (no borat voice.. hate that shit) - first flicks got me droolin
  17. didnt click on her porn.. felt weird (for now)
  18. true. so the building can sleep at night with good intentions, tpbm left used vibrators in a toy donation box
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