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Everything posted by MedicineCabinet

  1. fatso & sectr in the 90's.. cool shit
  2. very nice (no borat voice.. hate that shit) - first flicks got me droolin
  3. didnt click on her porn.. felt weird (for now)
  4. true. so the building can sleep at night with good intentions, tpbm left used vibrators in a toy donation box
  5. possibly an arcteryx goldmine - just scrub off whats remaining of his face
  6. :pileofpoop::camera::highbrightness:
  7. dear air & food, keep sustaining me mc
  8. rich kids who have no real risks in life, fuck you. yeah, guess im kind of jealous, but fuck you anyway
  9. gotta get over this soon.. i want to be happy again
  10. let me cover that, my man. i kid dope shirt, mass. still have mine, where theyre doing their shake :peace:
  11. that sucks.. RIP CHYNA it should have been someone else. not me, but someone else
  12. you are not a boy, pinocchio
  13. :tearsofjoy: dont forget the burgers
  14. downtown was (& is) the shit, man. not sure if you were posting again when we were all about it in the 445 but shit done been dissected. the episode where they go paint was sprayhiphops. also, the train race one
  15. shitt, i feel that currently, everything is fucked up for me. can feel the wheel turning, though. just tried to drown the sorrow by wasting 15 bucks at wendys. at least im full now
  16. lol @ that pic. he had a house uptown in toronto at one point, i believe RestInPeace, pimp
  17. where, if you wanna start another one. or anyone that did their fair share of 445ing, really :moyai:
  18. http://mrodemblems.com/images/csx.jpg
  19. damn. just like that? an accidente & swept up with the other 1-2 page wait threads? because this one had hundreds of pages. try to see if you can get it back, man.. & if it was deleted on purpose, at least let us know why shit smells aidsy
  20. word :handfist: PC principal was amusing.. especially when he was freaking out at seeing himself in the ad & going all, "wtf bro? wtf?!? what going on bro??" jimmys pretty dope
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