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Everything posted by MedicineCabinet

  1. writers r stoopid. drysnitch kings
  2. eating five cardboard beef patties.. wishing for coleslaw, coco bread, & sriracha to make it better. but alas
  3. :pileofpoop::capitalb::skull: :moyai:
  4. you know whats annoying as shit? glitter
  5. abortion is aite tpbm has a tattoo of their face, on their face
  6. false tpbm sells strawberry jam outside abortion clinics
  7. was thinking this.. or the first time sex on film was non-privately put on for an audience of 30-50+
  8. albert, lets see who can come up with more over-the-top metal band names, using whatever thread or starting a new one. you start
  9. whoever doesnt laugh at this is an asshole
  10. dog dick pizza crust + mustard does look good unsure about the meat pie one but its probably not bad either.. but whats with the red shit on top of said pies, though? after those, are you left with a gaping horse vagina thats now the crust, or is there meat inside the rest of the crust too?
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