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  1. this was a long while ago, around 5 in the morning. a bus driver and i were once having a decent conversation.. he pulled over & we both walked into a tim hortons. he got his shit first, said he would wait, then just took off
  2. that looks good. would be tempted to overload it with x2 onion & chicken
  3. "i feel like a gutted fuckin fish", something like that
  4. should walk your cat if he or she obliges. why not
  5. "mr strickland, i dont know if youve ever ridden a block of ice before..." "well i married mizz liz, didnt i?!"
  6. writers r stoopid. drysnitch kings
  7. eating five cardboard beef patties.. wishing for coleslaw, coco bread, & sriracha to make it better. but alas
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