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  1. have never watched modern family. shit looked wack whats good mass
  2. fully agree on pam. even when she was popular, i thought she looked like every other dumbass stripper bimbo (because she is) buffy still looks pretty good, though -no more, no less (not counting any of that hype from more than a decade ago)
  3. just thought it displayed lonesome pontification well; never seen
  4. oh yeah, sarah michelle gellar.. she was all the rage when we were young. that cornball show buffy
  5. :pizza::skull: false. he bled out on an origami bed tpbm only consumes food/drinks corresponding to the days colour
  6. lol i remember seeing that on tv & laughing. they always rip on her friend for no reason
  7. sad that pit bulls are synonymous with neck braces (the cones theyre given, as to not scratch their wounds). pitibul
  8. scream in every direction & tell her it was just echo location
  9. np. hitting your shins is the worst, used to happen all the time during skating similar life - there was this one kid who was in the bboy club at my hs (a "cool" school club for dancer kids who want to emulate the jockstrapwockeez for some reason). guess he broke his neck doing a swan freeze or whatever one day, because he had this big ol neck brace/cast thing on for a long while. have never spoken a word to him & didnt have anything against him in person, but he looked funny as fuck
  10. you just volunteered; we would all mail them to you & trust your judgement. jk, wed use magic
  11. they should make a fucked up version of hook, with someone who can emulate robin williams in the original the lost boys are acting all hard & james hook just guts three of them in one move. something like that
  12. condolences grade four -was jumping around, being retarded in my room & fell on the side of this shitty plastic garbage bin against my neck.. said plastic shattered & ye olde neck was cut. not like game of thrones, profusely/jugular bad, but twas definitely bleeding. should have a scar there but it healed nicely over the years & disappeared, fortunately (& vainly). remember my teacher who had a black eye for a min & told us she fell? she was definitely inquisitive about it (in the concerned way), all hush-hush & asking me if everything was ok at home. good lady
  13. in high school, when my friend told me rap stood for rhythm & poetry
  14. poop on your party because i care :heartribbon: /nh we should have a contest to see who can eat the most asparagus & produce the smelliest urine. the winner gets to keep said urine
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