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  1. blue waffles are even better. turn off safesearch & look at some flicks
  2. nice, thats a witty one. they can use their mouths, though - more like sexting? idk. wouldnt be against a cute deaf girl tpbm petitioned against a doorbell at the deaf dorm
  3. false. but i used to make them sex tpbm would play russian roulette for a chance to win a round of russian roulette
  4. about a week ago, this lady at my work showed up with lips, fucked by botox. she casually told us how distressed she was, having spent 700+ & such. apparently, the place that did this to her claims no responsibility but she wanted to sue regardless, since it is a matter of principal to her. as soon as she walked away, there was an uncomfortable silence, which i filled in by saying, "guess she put her money where her mouth is" :moyai:
  5. people who dont really write but are adamant about the superior quality of their ink - if they cant wipe the shit, theyll just roll over/blast it off - quit worrying & just do more. who cares as long as its moderately water/fade proof
  6. kids today are fuckin hopeless
  7. ads in your dreams - futurama is probably right
  8. i like the part in 3ayem where they keep saying vandalism
  9. i find this profound :peace:445s
  10. s for real hahaha - :pileofpoop:b:maize:y & the unintentional joke thread goes on
  11. dope. i love waldo shit like this
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