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Everything posted by misterblunt

  1. lulz dude just got photoshop. EMBOSMENT LULZ
  2. Do NOT listen to spawn of sham, dude is terrible.
  3. BelRoc your graffiti is slightly better than your attempt at painting. REallY soopeR Kewl to do canvases for chicks that are just "that fat bitch". lulz.
  4. misterblunt


    who even bothers playing the single player of BF or COD???
  5. misterblunt


    corniest of the corny.
  6. alts takes it, mek's is missin that flow, which is quite odd
  7. Fucker complaining about the Southern Tier 2x IPA? Dumb fart sniffer, should be congratulating Bi Lo for carrying it. been drinking some of this lately, pretty good IMO. Very similar spice profile to the pumking, probably why I enjoy it.
  8. Re: Anyone ever heard of this chick?
  9. misterblunt


    damn homie sounds like you got a boner!
  10. ya'll losers don't have a job, so who's buying your videogames ya'll be talking about on the xbox threads and your internet bills and shit??
  11. misterblunt


    pork and hide and hoer and them cleveland dudes are doing good stuff
  12. misterblunt


    At first I thought dude that makes those long ass picture posts was like but it's starting to be like this dude is kind of and he be all like
  13. misterblunt


    avert is good at graffiti, ya'll gays are good at talking on the internet about what a bitch he is.
  14. where are all the fest and pumpkin beers?? tis the season. All I can say is I drove 8 hours for 65$ cases of pumking this year. well worth it.
  15. ricotta pie looks good. balsamic reduction zigzags, played out since the 90s
  16. misterblunt


    that hery bout the best thing i seen on here in a min
  17. Hilarious shit fags scared to get high before going to the airport. Talking about changing clothes and shit. Ya'll must live with your parents, no one gives a fuck if you stink like weed at the airport. blow blunts and drink whiskey at the airport bar. 10 dollars a shot??? No problem, they give you a double for A LITTLE more. amateurs
  18. DAO would certainly not approve. I never heard of a pasadillo pepper. Maybe you mean pasilla chile? I cook a lot of mexican shit, kind of a chile head... Never in a cheesesteak tho, browe. Provolone wiz wit for me
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