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  1. weasel - it will probably take quite a few coats to get it REALLY smooth, but if you like painting on a smooth surface you can try painting on panels or illustration board or something. Otherwise, gesso in layers, letting each dry between coats. i like to alternate directions of the strokes every-other coat. might have to wait quite a few coats before you lightly sand if you are gessoing canvas.
  2. misterblunt


    Dye is not pre-merz.
  3. I would suggest gesso and sanding for a few coats. I don't really like graff on canvas but that ethan is good.
  4. dude won and his says "DepE. Gotta crawl before you can walk, instead of going for a piece i think you should actually simplify your shit, and lose the connections because they are pretty bad. The blind leading the blind.
  5. misterblunt


    gyeah dude that fucking merz caboooose.
  6. drinking beast ice watching sportscenter.
  7. my only issue is the drips just look too contrived. Everything else is so crispy and stencily and careful, they just seem kind of an afterthought. otherwise, it is nice.
  8. Highlights on those B's are pretty fucking legendary NBB
  9. viper625 have you ever painted anything?
  10. by "new to the table" do you mean a lowercase bubble letter with some cracks in it? that was new to the table in 1970.
  11. I thought a lot of what schnitzel said was relevant. It was constructive, and someone got butthurt.
  12. there is no competition, MEK is clearly miles ahead of the rest.
  13. do people intentionally pick the worst letter combos? "PF"????? D kind of sucks, and a "PF", well fuck. I guess it is the toy thread. I'd be more likely to get involved if it wasn't words like OXYL and DEPF.
  14. http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Kick-Ass/70117290?trkid=2429434#height1783
  15. wow someone good started contributing.
  16. misterblunt


    When you're shit at painting, might as well take the tough guy route and be a bully.
  17. nice earlobes, bruh. Extra fag points for the chinstrap. Graffaggit knuckle tats lulz.
  18. I'm hoping the payoff wasn't much more than a free hitop fade.
  19. looks like K's with the right leg kicking out like that.
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