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  1. respond react

    can anyone with a nice handstyle help me out?

    i posted this over at bombingscience and they deleted my thread. i don't know where else to go to get in touch with talented graffiti artists so i hope mods don't delete this thread
  2. i just need someone to scan a picture of a basic tag that says "phoniks" to use for my album cover. It would be hugely appreciated. The music is all remix's of classic 90's hip hop tracks that i've made and some dope graffiti would really set it off, THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  3. respond react

    The Super DRUNK Ramblings Superthread

    hahaha i feel that
  4. respond react

    Shutter Speed Photography (LOL - Light Trails)

    that bicycle one is dope as hell
  5. respond react

    Domains..which is a good to purchase?

    co-sign on bluehost, best domain host that i've found
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  7. respond react


  8. respond react

    The Post A T-Shirt Thread

  9. respond react

    The Post A T-Shirt Thread

  10. respond react

    RIP amy winehouse

    have they still not released an official cause of death?
  11. respond react

    GAME: Guess the band name (based on photos)

    dumb rerams?
  12. respond react

    ----->Late 80's / Early 90's Hiphop - The Lesser Heard<-----

    this is a really dope thread, I've been making beats for 4-5 years and am about to drop my first album of all remix's of 90's joints. I'll be sure to throw it up here
  13. respond react


    anyone here play nba 2k12? I'm pretty nice with it, gamertag: HowDatAzzTaste