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  1. So post your painted pieces in the Toy Paint Thread , and your sketches in the New Sketch Thread Only come in here to critique toy sketches and help them (us) get better :$
  2. get out the toy thread broo :)
  3. Marker Freestye, i fucked up on a bunch of diferent sides but it felt good to have fun sketching again
  4. Nice , Alts is a moderator now , and Quiz those are just awesome , do you sell them ?
  5. Been Toying In This Thread For A Pretty Long Time
  6. Nope, thats Izzy from Wst , Sometimes he writes it Ize, check out his crews thread, they're sick http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=91696&page=22
  7. Just got like 8 cans of rusto for 18 dollars, heres a few road trip sketches Pretty bad, havent done anything worth some concentration in a while and im thinking about writing either Swine or Nes , so mehh
  8. Feels great to finally be able to get back in my account after being gone for a few months Heres an old exchange pic by Gpers
  9. Sorry to bump an old thread and i know these aint paper flicks but ii didnt see any Richmond threads, some shit i peeped, not my piece or anything just flicked it
  10. Kluse-One

    Spray Paint

    Yeah im in Nyc and places that sell rusto have them for like 7-8 dollars, when i can get mtn at a graffiti shop called scrap yard for like 5-6 dollars
  11. For Me it would be Mek FUA , no doubt. but other than that, JA, Seen, Arest, Taste or Geser
  12. Kluse-One

    Spray Paint

    lol rusto is more expensive than mtn, and most places that carry rusto gottem behind the cages
  13. Kluse-One

    Spray Paint

    What would you guys say is better for bombing: Mtn Hardcore or Mtn 94
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