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  1. misterblunt


    No one noticed, they are super uMAD and angry because erabik is an "art fag"
  2. misterblunt


    A lot of old freight writers would be upset about that... same if morons were doing pieces over an old "herby" or TSA streak. Respect has no place in the world of internet graffiti gangs and facebook braggadocio.
  3. Jameson is middle of the road every bar type of irish whiskey. Gimme some scotch.
  4. misterblunt


    phone, red, that hide. fitteds r lyke so played.
  5. the 2 on the floor would easily get the business. ya'll gay.
  6. tomato sauce in a cast iron?? Maybe ok if your pan has been well seasoned since your granny's time, but I try not to cook anything acidic in my cast irons so as not to destroy the seasoning.
  7. god, like the best letter ever and the submissions are horrid.
  8. You can make excellent cannibutter from your vaped herbs. Or even just finely grind that shit and eat it, mix it with peanut butter, etc. Great threads on the fuckcombustion forums.
  9. my girl gets kinda pissed when i look at these threads.
  10. HAhaA, what vaporizer did you get?
  11. Yeah I been saving up my ABV. You can actually eat it and get fucked since the thc is already activated, no need to cook it or whatever. I know some dudes who make pills out of their ABV and pop those. endless uses.
  12. Yeah, purple daze is great. I myself have the MFLB and agree with you. I hear they have a car adapter now as well as the AC adapter. I love that little thing but yeah, sucks having to charge so many batteries.
  13. I did a goddamn search for vaporizers and this thread comes up, unfortunately it's casek talking about E-cigs. I didn't bother to read the whole thread, but this thread is now about herbal vaporizers. Silver Surfers, Volcanos, Iolites, Magic Flight Launch Boxes, etc. What vapes do you dudes have and what uses do you have for your ABV??? Tits or GTFO.
  14. yeah those cilantro sprigs are chuckle inducing for certain.
  15. misterblunt


    fucking sick. saw that shit downtown
  16. misterblunt


    those PORKs looking good.
  17. greazy brown thumb ftw. What kind of cheese is on that burger?? White American?
  18. Yeah, dude's aesthetic is consistent. Just consistently shitty.
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