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Everything posted by misterblunt

  1. that flying knee was fuckin on the button. A really good card. Shit, I almost forgot it was on. God Bless the interwebs.
  2. yeah pretty good night, probably because I wasn't expecting much. Usually when I'm excited for a card it blows and it's boring as fuck. Can't believe tito got a win.
  3. Re: possible murder thread hit n run faggits deserve getting raped in prison.
  4. misterblunt


    I thought I was pretty fucking nerdy but that last post is baffling.
  5. is it dubbed?? I can't stand watching foreign shit with english voice overs. I tried watching Ninja Scroll awhile ago and it's fucking unbearable in english.
  6. misterblunt


    "Lack of Style Wars"
  7. A lot of that lagunitas stuff is really good.
  8. its obviously not the photo.
  9. If I had to fancy a guess, I'd say Creature From the Black Lagoon.
  10. misterblunt


    Yeah that is a nice freight.
  11. YEh them WangZ look good. So does the steak and grilled zookini.
  12. I'd certainly heed the "properly seared tuna" advice of a man who blows up glass dishes while trying to accomplish simple kitchen tasks.
  13. Posting on 12oz mid-boner from your phone... doesn't seem right.
  14. cool, no one got sick.
  15. McDonald's hasn't owned chipotle for quite awhile now.
  16. using "dank" as an adjective is definitely doing it wrong.
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