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  1. Haha that's weird as fuck. I've been gettin down to buisness and look over to see my dog lookin at me all wierd. Get outta here ya mutt! Ima beatin ma meat!
  2. I'm always down for e thuggery, but I don't want any association with animal pronz. to ignore or deystroy?
  3. +plus+

    rage hard

    fake? i hope this faggetry is fake
  4. pee in da butthole, thats al I got
  5. longboards are legit if your actually bombing hills. people that exclusively longboard are wack. especially in sandals and hollister cargo shorts. the same type of people that went to surf once and put a massive quicksilver sticker on their truck...
  6. A friend of mine wasn't allowed to walk because he wrote on some kids car, so he went to go watch his friends and got chased by the cops. people take graduation ceremony shit way to seriously.
  7. whoa typick that character looks a little bitten,
  8. are you shure its for all of the cans, because i bought some like that on accident, and some regular. it worked fine for a fill but i only used it on wood in backyard and i had time
  9. +plus+


    yea i just ordered some , but diff color. i got a sponser ship deal from em If you skate, dont by supras, they look cool but skate poorly
  10. bambu fuck that, your cracks and hightlights look sick, i have a bunch of new sketches and pieces, but i scanner broke and cant find camera
  11. how about a "break" battle, or "simples"
  12. late mouse battle entry...the bright pink highlighter didnt scan well.
  13. anyone have any pics of corpus christi, shitload of new taggers and stuff but not alot of real quality work,
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