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  1. I just recently rooted but dont get it. Seems like a waste of time.
  2. johnneh7


    These all just arrived.
  3. and those are the others.
  4. Re: D• I • Y [do it yourself thread] Not mine, but a DIY none the less. rad outcome aswell NES controller -> MP3 Player
  5. with geektool and other monitor
  6. mostlyjunkfood.com/wheres-earl lengthy but worth the read, imo
  7. The adapter for using a guitar with an iPhone/iPad is 200 fucking dollars. Bullshit.
  8. Got impatient and randomly picked greenpois0n. Worked fine.
  9. cosign but I got it on my jailbroken touch
  10. Tiny Wings and fruit ninja are my current favorites. Anyone have suggestions for good iPad apps? and if you have an iPad and are into music production get garageband. Definitely worth 5 bucks
  11. Me and my friends use heytell all the time. Too lazy to type shit.
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