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  1. dont talk about it, be about it. get photos of what youre doing. post them.
  2. yeah great car. did you guys see the video that went a long with it? pretty cool too... i think it's on kem's blog.
  3. no one catching any of the IPFX's??
  4. im glad this thread still gets updated.
  5. _blank_


    that wall a few posts up is on point. Really cool to see that heist pulled off so well. Pork lookin good too. i like
  6. that bottom one ^^ on point
  7. _blank_


    graff scene/car scene/ w.e scene groupie for a few years. now on to BIGGER and better things apparently black guys only. i saw this thread a couple weeks ago just digging through old shit on here (bored at work) kinda chuckled to myself after seeing all the comments, but then remembered i had some shots tucked away from some "im mad at my ex" site.
  8. _blank_


    man.... this thread is a thing of the past at this point.
  9. i like that you guys come out to subsurface. smoked it this year.
  10. _blank_

    IOU vs. L.A.

    yes more photo threads please and IOU keep it up playa.
  11. ^^ This guy thought he was logged into facebook. "today i...." bump timber
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