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  1. bump d30's. team full of all stars
  2. some grade a pieces in here, love this thread.
  3. _blank_


    that last hoer is nice AVERT HORSE all day
  4. _blank_


    gona unload more soon, gota get to the other computer and dig a lil bit
  5. i try hard to accomplish things a normal person would do between the hours of 9-5. i work a mon-fri office job. but i feel like once the work hours are over, the kid in me comes back out quickly
  6. who me?? what did i just eat???? last thing i ate was a double decker grilled cheese dipped in some classic tomato soup, along with a big cup of water. no ice.
  7. im gona have to catch that sea world doc. ive heard a couple people talking about that one
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