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  1. i try hard to accomplish things a normal person would do between the hours of 9-5. i work a mon-fri office job. but i feel like once the work hours are over, the kid in me comes back out quickly
  2. who me?? what did i just eat???? last thing i ate was a double decker grilled cheese dipped in some classic tomato soup, along with a big cup of water. no ice.
  3. im gona have to catch that sea world doc. ive heard a couple people talking about that one
  4. Re: random thoughts hate listening to people get so hyped about sports games. same shit. over and over and over and over
  5. love to pop a cold one open at the bench spot. we have a good spot where they build lines, at the end of the yard. it is also the mainline for CSX southbound. good flow of traffic through there, a fire pit, its a covered bridge, and has a half wall to sit on.
  6. Re: random thoughts i finished reading "into the wild" this past weekend. really enjoyed the book. could barely put it down. then watched the movie on netflix (for the first time) really enjoyed that story.
  7. _blank_


    bojangles, still a huge fan. keep it up man.
  8. _blank_

    IOU vs. L.A.

    love this thread. keep it up!
  9. _blank_


    update this puppy! ohio does work
  10. novel! avert the name swap autorack
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