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Everything posted by _blank_

  1. i cant believe this is still rolling! post photos when its all said and done!
  2. oops, i came to the wrong thread. (slams door as he walks out)
  3. Thanks for posting. Lots of buddies in this one. Cheers to you for keeping it alive in here.
  4. love what aest does. real good style
  5. bahah ^ that bike video a few posts up is pretty sick. some of those cliffs look like a fail waiting to happen. well done though.
  6. _blank_


    i thought the sole was too thick on forces.
  7. what do white castles look like where you are from?!
  8. cool thread dude. i love it. il be back
  9. make a cool thread when you come back.
  10. kanye or not, he gave out a couple solid blows.
  11. this dude rocked an awesome style. been a fan of his panels for quite a while. RIP looking forward to catching you on the rails.
  12. dont talk about it, be about it. get photos of what youre doing. post them.
  13. yeah great car. did you guys see the video that went a long with it? pretty cool too... i think it's on kem's blog.
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