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  1. ive heard a lot of this and that. havent gone out of my way to paint them for a while, although i cant deny jumping on one when its available. its just not a priority of mine like i feel it used to be. but on a lighter note, the AC in my office is working great.
  2. _blank_


    man some of these are SO flashy, hard to consider myself even trying some of them on. my wardrobe is fairly simple though. thinking about scooping the new balance sandals. they caught my eye on zappos
  3. bump d30's. team full of all stars
  4. some grade a pieces in here, love this thread.
  5. _blank_


    that last hoer is nice AVERT HORSE all day
  6. _blank_


    gona unload more soon, gota get to the other computer and dig a lil bit
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