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  1. I'm doing the backpacker thing next month in Thailand, hoping to paint while I'm there. Anyone been and know what the deal is graff wise? Any shops to buy paint, areas to avoid/check out etc.. I don't fancy ending up in Thai jail but I definitely wanna leave a mark, any advice would be appreciated. Checking for a dick, already top of my list btw.
  2. Waxaddict


    I'm in Thailand Nov to Xmas, anyone got any places that are graff heavy I can check out or bomb at? Also, any shops to buy paint, I've googled but not got much info. I'll be a typical farang getting lost but if I have a few cans on me I can always bomb while I wander.
  3. I'd go as far as saying Oker GSD is pretty much the JA of the UK, and on the same level. In the same crews YKK XTC, and bomb together even. Not many UK heads can say they travel the world and lay shit down with the best of other countries. Dude has alot of trains under his belt too, along with decades of bombing and beef. Bombing wise I think it'd be evenly matched if it were down to 2/3 a side. Tox, Oker, 10foot from the UK have smashed it like no-one else. & naturally, alot of US heads won't know much about them, but still.
  4. Boredom, when it's no longer fun. Still not too sure why I bomb every now and again, but I do. I suppose i'll stop when I no longer get the urge to.
  5. Here you go (in a few albums since imgur had a limit on how many I could do at once.) Enjoy. 1. http://imgur.com/a/jOXdX 2. http://imgur.com/a/yV3Tp 3. http://imgur.com/a/fuEcu Just noticed some are upside down and whatever, fuck sake. I tried.
  6. London Handstyles is a tenner deliverd in the UK now, last few copies, and it's not gonna be reprinted. You'd be stupid not to. I paid 15 about a week ago, the fuckers, but still.. http://www.londonhandstyles.com/londonhandstyles.html
  7. I definitely think the spaced our letters work well, its a nice touch and alnost a signature style, as they all are recognisable as beung from the same writer. I think theyre pretty dope.
  8. A few graff related ones here.. http://rarekindlondon.com/cat/store/
  9. No worries, I ain't forgot. When I get a chance I'll pic it all and post the album, will do London handstyles too, 'cos I'm good like that.
  10. Yeah, think that'll be my next one. Can't have one without the other 'n that.
  11. I'm scared of getting old and trying to hold onto my youth I think. Plus I likes it.
  12. Waxaddict


    Yeah they're awesome!!!! It's like that TV show Skins only with marker pens! .. No.
  13. Finally got around to ordering this.. only £15 delivered in the UK. http://www.londonhandstyles.com/londonhandstyles.html Saw a Youtube video trailer thing about the exhibition for the book and it reminded me about it, few quid well spent I'm sure.
  14. A preview here.. http://hurtyoubad.com/?p=11074#more-11074
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