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  1. You can get all of that for a third of the price with prepaid. My Straight Talk shit has reception everywhere. I've seen people with expensive ass Verixon and Sprint phones lose reception when mine still worked. .
  2. Cell Phone plans are for suckers. I been doing the prepaid shit for as long as I've had a cellphone. $45 a month unlimited Straight Talk from Walmart, they don't have my real name and info, only reason they have a fake name and addy is because I had to kick one to switch my same number over from T-Mobile prepaid back in the day. Otherwise they'd have no name or addy at all. Always get the prepaid card with cash. My whole family same shit. Yall know that to this day I never had a real email? FB always been a fake name and no face. Same with IG. I'm about as off the grid as it gets. I'll bet there's some weirdo preppers living in the wilderness of Alaska who are easier to find by government name than me. 😆 ,
  3. Yo, speaking of TPWFs. where my nigga Twinkie at? I think that was his name, Arizona dude? Actually wrote graff for real but I can't remember what? .
  4. Missed me by a mile with that shit.
  5. There really is no argument about this in the scientific community though. The only few dipshits pretending to be scientists arguing aginst this fact are paid goons working for the foscil fuel industries.
  6. Wait, what? Who claimed dog/whales went extinct? That's where dolphins, porposes, Orcas and literally every species of whales came from.
  7. These fucking shrinks are going ham. They got like 2/3 of Gen-Z convinced they got one mental illness or another. It's a fucking scam. They were going ham in the 80's too and had all these parents convinced that their punk or metal or skater kids were satan worshipping psychos who needed to be "hospitalized". That Suicidal Tendencies song "Institutionalzed" was actually based on facts, a lot of parents were being gamed into having their kids commited. It was a scam to juice the insurance companies. A lot of them got sued and the "hospitals" too, and that whole industry went under and damn near out of business.altogether. Now it's on a upswing and resurging and the shrinks are in bed with big pharma to get everyone on Xanax or Zoloft or whatever the fuck else they're peddaling. And basically anybody who's a little outside the norm is now "Rain Man". Shit's a fucking scam. Slap your homie a couple times and tell him to snap out of it. Sounds like he needs to ditch the shrink and the wife. .
  8. It's really not that exciting. I accidentally crushed again and almost went all city without trying when the kid got his permit and became designated driver though. Got up so much I scared myself into thinking I might need to fall back a minute. 😆
  9. My pullout game is imaculate. Both my kids were made on purpose. I actually remember the nut that made the second one, me and wifey were getting it the fuck in. We were on a good one. I said "you want another kid?" She goes "yeah, why not"... SPLOOOOOGE!!! all up in them guts. One and done. 💯
  10. Oh shit, this nigga's on crack! The midlife crisis is definitely in full swing for this one. 🤣
  11. Life usually smacks the shit out of you for your quarterlife crisis. Midlife is when you realize the clock is ticking hard and start acting like a youngin again. Then again, I could just be speaking for myself. 😆 .
  12. Oh, it's going. It's in full swing. 😆
  13. You're about 2 years late to the midlife crisis. 😆 HBD though. 🍻
  14. Is that Casek and D-Habs? LOL
  15. Damn, this guy too? And it's been like 4 years??? RIP to the homie. SMFH
  16. Incestuous 12? The 2 is fucking the 1.
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