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  1. My pullout game is imaculate. Both my kids were made on purpose. I actually remember the nut that made the second one, me and wifey were getting it the fuck in. We were on a good one. I said "you want another kid?" She goes "yeah, why not"... SPLOOOOOGE!!! all up in them guts. One and done. 💯
  2. Oh shit, this nigga's on crack! The midlife crisis is definitely in full swing for this one. 🤣
  3. Life usually smacks the shit out of you for your quarterlife crisis. Midlife is when you realize the clock is ticking hard and start acting like a youngin again. Then again, I could just be speaking for myself. 😆 .
  4. Oh, it's going. It's in full swing. 😆
  5. You're about 2 years late to the midlife crisis. 😆 HBD though. 🍻
  6. Is that Casek and D-Habs? LOL
  7. Damn, this guy too? And it's been like 4 years??? RIP to the homie. SMFH
  8. Incestuous 12? The 2 is fucking the 1.
  9. Either you're really good at photoshop, or you enlisted the help of AI to pull that off. I was just about to comment that somebody bit the shit out of... then I was like "wait, WTF?"... LMAO! .
  10. I really don't get it. I'm old as fuck and I literally never saw anybody drawing this coming up. I went to a LOT of elementary schools being as we were constantly moving around, and this was never a thing that anybody drew ever. I never seen it till Stussy used it. I have a pretty photographic memory, and I specifically remember seeing this "S" on Stussy hats and maybe even T-shirts. This would be in the early 90's. Just because the internet can't find "evidence" of this doesn't mean jack shit. The internet didn't even come around until the late 90's for nerds and dorks and the early 2000's for everyone else, and by then all this clothing from the early 90's would've long since been trashed. It's known as the Stussy S because that's litterally what it is. I've always known it to be exactly that, because I remember it being their logo for a brief time in the early 90's, and I litterally have zero recolection of anybody ever drawing it or painting it on walls ever. .
  11. I pay every bitch I slay with this dick. Breaking them off is payment enough. ; )
  12. @fat ralphy @LUGR. Check out Graff. Champs for some good interviews. It’s the dude SR from NYC’s show and he does good interviews with legendary NYC writers.
  13. He slam dances punk rock style. . I don’t really see dudes doing spin kicks and windmills and shit down here in SA, I think that’s more of a east coast thing. Unless yall be doing that shit in Cali too. That shit’s always been big in Philly, but it’s It’s all circle pits and skanking down here. He’s more into stage diving though. .
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