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  1. That’s him shoot a different dude. And that dude doesn’t appear to have anything in his hand. And incel is already on his ass because this is the moment where people jumped in to stop his shooting rampage. C’mon, Casek. You’re smarter than this.
  2. For the record, Casek, I fucks wit you. I don’t hate you, I’m just taking you to task. You’re a smart dude, and usually a good dude. At least from what I can gather from your posts back in the day. But you’re wrong on this one.
  3. None of which would have happened if the nut ass incel didn’t put himself in that situation by crossing state lines to wave a gun in people’s faces, threatening their lives in the first place. He created the situation. He’s the one who put people in fear of their lives and made them react as such.
  4. Also, miss me with that “working man” bullshit. I doubt there’s a single person in here who doesn’t already assume as fact that you’re old money . White “libertarian” from Tennessee, C’mon, Casek. Tell me your family ain’t OG plantation rich.
  5. Nah, I fully understand your argument better than you yourself do. the citizens of that city were clearly displaying their unhappiness with the laws of their city and how they were being applied, hence the protest/riot in which this incel crossed state lines to intervene in . Petitions, lobbying etc only works for the money’d people in power who have the time and capital for that shit. Regular people have to work for a living and therefore don’t have the years of free time, much less the capital to spend doing so. Literally the only people who showed up with rifles were your right wing incel friends. This country was founded on rebellion against tyranny. The very tyranny you’re defending. The 2nd amendment was actually meant for killing your kind. Food for thought .
  6. His hand never left his boot where his gun was. Incel probably never even knew he had a gun in the first place. And it sure as fuck never had the opportunity to be pointed at his head. In which case, had it been, maybe we wouldn’t even be here in the first place.
  7. “His father is gay and I don’t know if he sucks dudes off by association. And kissing dudes on the mouth is just not a good look.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. The way this sham of a trial is going, this is the equivalent of saying “it’s up to the citizens of Money MS to decide the fate of Emmitt Till.” You’re literally approaching this from the EMOTIONAL standpoint of “white good ole boy with gun good. BLM protesting and rioting about police brutality bad”. You’re so brainwashed by the right wing bullshit you’ve been ingesting that you can’t even see the hypocrisy in you backing the side of oppressors against the side of the oppressed, whom the 2nd amendment was written for in the first place. Had it been a BLM protester, rioter, whatever you wanna call it who showed up strapped with a AR and used it against the other side as soon as he put himself into the position to “feel threatened”, you’d be calling for him to die in prison. Matter of fact, that wouldn’t even happen. This thread wouldn’t even exist. Because had the shoe been on the other foot, the BLM shooter would’ve been gunned down on the spot by the pigs in the MRAP who waved Incel on as he tried to turn himself in.
  9. That’s not what I saw at all, and dude never got a chance to point anything at incel’s head. Too bad, incel’s brains should’ve been scattered on the pavement.
  10. Says the guy who thinks another screen name on here knowing somebody proves a story about that somebody shooting RPGs at people. 🤔
  11. Another possibility is that Smart is actually telling the truth, and that this famed fiction storyteller, who’s known for creating shocking fiction, actually told him this fictitious story. And him, being young and naive, actually took this story teller’s words as gospel and spread it like a virus. Ever stop to think of that? 🤔
  12. I don’t think you understand that that actually means jack shit. One dude can completely make up a story out of thin air, tell it to people in high school, tell it to people in college, then him and his college buddies create a website and spread this story to others who then take it as gospel, then next thing you know you got Casek and DAO arguing about what Casek read in a internet post 20 years earlier. Because Casek blindly accepted the words of some random name on the internet, backed by that random name’s homies whom he also told this story to. Hence your willingness to believe other blatant bullshit you read on the disinformation superhighway. Your “knowledge of Q” being exhibit A. Do you still not get it?
  13. Yes, I read what you said about reading on the internet that this other dude on the internet told you this story. And that you believe him, because your references are other random dudes on the internet whom he’s also told this story to. And because you apparently have a tendency to believe what people tell you over the internet. Because as smart and intelligent as you come across, you actually have a deficiency in the critical thought department. Hence your inability to stop yourself from jumping head first down the rabbit hole of Qanon. 🤦 Hey man, I’m not calling you stupid. We all got our strong and weak suits. But your weak suit is in the critical thought department.
  14. That’s a tiny dick truck for those with even tinier dicks than the dudes with lifted pickup trucks with trump flags and “don’t tread on me” rear window stickers right next to their blue line flag stickers. It’s also probably legal to drive in like two states. Tell me , Dhabs. You be driving one of them lifted trucks? 😆
  15. How you gonna do that, by digging up a old post of some random dude on the internet telling you so? Tell me this, old internet friend. Is it true what these other internet screen names say about you getting duped by Qanon and falling head over heals down that rabbit hole?
  16. Son Of Woman? Shreiking Old Wombat? Severely Overpriced Widget? 🤔
  17. “My buddy knows this guy from college who says Hillary Clinton is Batboy’s mother. The friend of the friend used to babysit Chelsea back in the day.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. Look at this stupid nigga pretending he has a Gatling gun. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and no, you cannot own an actual, functional tank. Not one with a cannon anyways. Already established. Go eat some more paint chips.
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