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  1. That was long before I ever even found 12oz. 😆
  2. Never that, who the fuck is you talking to?
  3. Smash all day! Think about how much fun she is, twirling her around on your dick, Picking her up and hitting it from angles never hit before. I'd have her squirting so hard I'd have to make sure to have mad water bottles on deck so she don't die from dehydration. 😆
  4. 12oz needs a 😦 or a 😬 reaction. I can't like, LOL or hate on that. How'd you do that?
  5. Fuck that cameraman! Why the fuck would you turn the camera away right at that moment?
  6. Oh snap, that's a imposter! I didn't even peep that! 😆
  7. I just pictured some psycho cop trying to shoot you down from a helicopter like in that Rambo clip Mercer posted. 😆
  8. That's wild that you @'d m in this comment and it didn't show up in my notifications. Wouldn't have even seen it if I didn't click on the thread. 12oz still kinda buggy, huh?
  9. My youngest gets heated when I say "Pokey mans". Therefore that is the only way I'll ever pronounce it.
  10. Nah, but they do got me on time out for commenting in groups. I was out of that time-out for like 3 days before catching another 30 days. How the fuck did the wild, wild west / "information super highway" turn into a goddamned sunday school of disinformation and soft ass bitches who shouldn't even be on the internet in the first place? I blame our whole generation for raising their kids to be wet tissue/retards.
  11. This the same dude from Bedtime Stories?
  12. And this idiot's definitely dead, right?
  13. Is dude spraying him with fucking insecticide? WTF is that bottle attatched to the hose? Cause it's clearly not doing the job of soap.
  14. No idea WTF a fafo is, but I definitely didn't expecct this idiot to be successful.
  15. As wild as I know this sounds, I honestly never gave a flying fuck about sports.
  16. LOL “newly nixed”? I ain’t seen no TPWF’s in years. The media is always like a decade late when it comes to this shit. 😆
  17. I know my mans was a member, he might’ve even been a mod? (not sure). Either way, I don’t remember his name on here. But the Stussy “S” is officially shut down. 😆
  18. For starters every Chinese company is the property of the Chinese government, and all their data by law belongs to the chinese government and can be handed over on comand. Not justy data, but they can hot mic you and everything. Which is why local and federal governments are banning it from the phones of government employees. Another thing is that their algorithms in China feed the kids educational and uplifting shit, to promote a stronger and smarter generation of Chinese citizens. Whle their algorithms for American kids literally feed them all the dumb shit, litterally dumbing down our youth and prepping them to be soft and stupid. This is all being done in peparation for the inevitability of WWIII where it will be China, Russia, NK, Iran and anybody else who hates America and the west trying to take us out and change the world order.
  19. Rest in peace to the real John Connor.
  20. In the same token it's said that you have to step back to see the bigger picture. If you never stepped forward in the first place, you never stumbled and tripped down the rabbit holes. TikTok is a national threat for multiple reasons that you don't have to be a geriatric neanderthal to point out.
  21. They're too busy watching cartoons and TikToking. Millenials and Z's won't be ready for that kind of responsibility until they're too old anyways.
  22. Libertarians are republicans who like weed. Biden is past his prime, but he’s still light years better than the last senile piece of shit, and they’re both around the same age. Sleepy Joe’s doing just fine. ”The squad” are barely left of center on the political spectrum. Actual leftists are communists. Democrats are capitalists.The modern Republican Party is so far to the far right, they’re into fascism territory. I’m happy you’re still around too. Now come back to reality.
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