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  1. 70’s. I’ve heard Duck credited for tall hands, but a lot of those 70’s dudes were stretching the letters on their OG gangster hands. Gangster hands were the first wave of Philly handstyles, but they kinda got left in the 70’s. Some cats do them here and there just to flex. SAM1 crew started the wickeds. Notorious Bic and them.
  2. Hah! Who’d you black out? Looks like you took a sharpie to someone. 😆
  3. Dude doesn’t just have “different opinions “, he’s a fucking scumbag. Imagine using your same argument for defending a Nazi skinhead who worships Adolf Hitler , and chalking it up to “I mean, I don’t agree with all of his opinions, but he’s a good guy and makes some valid points.” 🤦‍♂️
  4. Nah, fuck that guy. This ain't back in the day, these days political views can absolutely define somebody's personality. And that guy basically broadcasted that he's a piece of shit. .
  5. This city's too spread out for that shit. Plus, I don't really go on missions, I just keep paint in the whip and smack shit when I'm out and about and the mood strikes. I've kinda always been like that. Most of my rep even when I was in Philly was just me always having paint and markers on me and just smacking shit in my travels. Tags on the way to work, tags on the way to the bar after work, tags and fillins on the way home from the bar. Tags on my way to the homie's crib, tags on the way back. Deliberately pick a different rout every time. Yahmean?
  6. Youngbol got his learner's permit, so he's designated driver these days. She has been the one driving on occasion though. 😆
  7. Ain't shit she can say, she knew what it was when she met me. She just shakes her head. 😆
  8. For that @Dark_Knightguy, since he asked. 😆 IMG_4195.MOV
  9. Anybody else notice the serious lack of people in these videos? He's walking to that hospital and there's barely any cars on the road, that video at the beach there's barely anyone anywhere. I can't picture being in any major city in the states and seeing that few people and cars on the road. Australia must be paradise.
  10. Remember when they said digital was the future and all your photos uploaded to the internet were gonna be forever? 🤣 Bullshit!!! Even the pics on your phones aren't forever, because they keep changing the technology every year and eventually you won't even have a functioning charger for your old phones. And if you have a iphone, they remotely destroy them when Apple deems it time for you to shell out for a new one. Even Instagram and the "Cloud" will eventually go the way of Photobucket. Print the photos you really care about, kiddos! Otherwise they'll all be gone within a few years. 💯
  11. Also, who's this Abrasive Saint guy? Newer cat or OG with a newer name? And on that note, can I get a roll call of everyone with the newer names and what their old names were so I can know who's who that I should know?
  12. No, from what I remember he definitely loses. But just don't be overboard with shutting it down. Like don't shut down any mention of somebody's name or what's going on, just shut down the political threads and arguments and shit. .
  13. The illusion of that "option" being a reality was already canceled by the civil war. Did you know that they literally teach kids down here that Texas reserved the right to seceed when it became a state? They tell them this shit in "Texas History" class. Do you have any idea how many US military bases there are down here in just my city alone? If the US government were to actually play along and pull out of Texas, leaving them with only the State Troopers and local police to secure the border, Texas would be overran and taken back by Mexico within a month tops. 😆
  14. LOL I'm not even banned right now. Just felt like popping in to see what's good. 😆
  15. Don't get it twisted, I never lost a single battle. Even when Seeking permabanned me that was an admission of defeat. 😆
  16. Also, what's up with Symbols? Didn't she supposedly have something to do with the Hadron Collider that people are blaiming for the world being turned upside down and thrown into a real life Twilight Zone, and all that "Mandella Effect" shit where all this shit that everyone clearly remembers supposedly never happened? 😆
  17. LOL what ever happened to EBPH, Seeking, Spitfire and that Level 75 guy or whatever his name was? Those were the guys I used to get into it the most with, and the whole reason I was permabanned for mad long was because of Seeking. 😆
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