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Everything posted by theprotester

  1. Seriously though I'm guilty so what can I really say. I haven't even uploaded Graff flicks in weeks. Vast. Keep coming back y'all
  2. Casek logged in like two weeks ago
  3. https://gop.com/the-highly-anticipated-2017-fake-news-awards/
  4. First early shift after a swing of day shifts My arse is locked and it's not even 4 hours in
  5. Taking a shit in lady friends toilet after Indian
  6. Just watched Trumping Democracy. What an embarrassment of a film. Good for a full belly laugh in spots.
  7. I know you're new to forums but there is a thread here http://forum.12ozprophet.com/threads/cryptocurrency.148177/page-2 Hodl
  8. I'm cold turkey on soda or soft drink right now, not sure what you call that in the UK. I had withdrawals over the last three days.
  9. Did dude just say he drinks 20 cups of coffee a day...
  10. I eat whatever the fuck I want and just do a lot of excercise I'm not old like you though
  11. Nobody around down at the beach middle of the night. Spooky pram.
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