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  1. DAO came through not all that long ago. I'm sure he's keeping it street level.
  2. We used to have to take our film to adult sex shops to get developed because the stand alone camera stores would rat you out for graff flicks. Today kids live stream painting tracksides on instagram. The world I grewed up in is gone.
  3. I ate the whole pack under my bed made me sick it was like quick Eze
  4. Is it really you though I thought where was gone I waited
  5. Lol some old cunts are going to be pissed about the dasher activity
  6. Pretty much 90% of women have lost a baby in one way or another fuck giving her extended grace over that
  7. theprotester


    Sadly I drive a Forester XT with pipes and nothing else. The ute is gone, the SCd OBK is gone... Sensible pro. When this motor blows it'll be a diffrrdif story I'm sure.
  8. One of my favourite old drinking spots was the top floor of a multi story cstpaca overlooking my cities Central station. Don't remember ever having been hassled by security there and was an easy spot to piss near one of the stairwells. A simpler time
  9. I've been on that bridge when the ghost train was northbound and the a service was southbound, definitely thought I was going to lose my life. Was after a decent foot chase two suburbs north, I would often find the F line and take it home to Fremantle. That guy is fucking crazy though.
  10. Lol don't all writers have a legal team on retainer? Fuck all of this noise
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