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  1. What I heard as well.
  2. Does anyone else think Duke is Bubble's son?
  3. APAPNRELT YOSME1ha sa AD GOMHO curhs pon ,me. fuck thi thtea,d im way too durnk toc are
  4. Flyer is quite HA-larious, but let's get it off of here. Kthnxbai.
  5. I guess he couldn't handle life after Bodie
  6. I need my girls to be thick in the hips, thighs, and ass, or we've got a problem. Also, I don't like "fit" girls AT ALL, shit grosses me out. Any sign of muscle and I'm not the least bit interested...I've also noticed I don't really like completely flat stomachs, like I think a tiny bit of pudge in the mid-section is mad cute
  7. I was drunk and she was doing her usual bitch at me and talk shit like she's my mother thing I told her to get the fuck out of my room and she wouldn't, and this was when I lived there, so I payed half of everything, same as her. i told her if she didn't get out I'd make her get out. She didn't, so I did. After that she told me to get the fuck out cuz she was callin the cops blah blah, but in my drunken state I didn't care so i just layed down. My boy stayed up and listened to her call the cops, then hang up. About a minute later it must have clicked in her head what I/my dad would d
  8. Shit follows me, I swear haha
  9. She looks fuckin amazing here...she needs to look like this again On the subject of Marilyn Monroe, I hate the bitch. My mom and older sister are obsessed, and as if that wasn't bad enough my ex was BEYOND obsessed. I used to hate having to look at/hear about this bitch everyday, and then get bitched at when I would say something about her just being a crazy whore I was happy when she started getting more into Coco Chanel
  10. My ex ended up with a kid who was the exact opposite of me...some faggy, preppy, Spanish kid who's so much of a pussy that he denied dating her to me, IN FRONT OF HER. The reason I flipped as bad as I did and beat up not just him but his whole team was because that was her best friend for a long time, and when I broke up with her he was the one that I specifically sought out and warned not to go near her or he'd suffer consequences. He did, so he did.
  11. So after a few delays (the last one self imposed since I didn't wanna miss some shit that's coming up) my house arrest finally starts on February 25th. Well, the 25th I turn myself into the ACI, serve a day there, then come out and get my government jewelry the 26th. I won't be off til May 25th, then with my extended probation and an added suspended sentence I'll have bullshit jail time hangin over my head til May 25th, 2009. I was pretty much all set with the idea of house arrest until last week, when it was sprung on me that i can't do the shit at my own house, all because my roomate ha
  12. DAO is my dude...happy birfday you fuckin prick!
  13. Bumped to this page, cuz I feel like this is one subject I give good advice, although it's not really socially acceptable behavior
  14. These are all mine that are either in wearable or easily cleanable condition...that closet extends pretty far behind the wall too, so there's 3 or 4 pairs on each shelf that aren't visible in the flick I have a huge pile more of shit that I've just wrecked beyond repair, mostly from painting in them even after I said I wouldn't I wish i didn't have bills and whatnot, cuz I'd just drop insane amounts of money on sneakers
  15. Haha I used to have those....actually, they might still be in my old room at my parent's crib. I'mma hafta investigate Edit: In response to the Homer slippers
  16. I KNEW Kenard was gunna be the one...you could tell when he was the only one that didn't run when Omar came through the alley Also, I'm betting that Kima rats out McNulty and I can't wait to see that shit. I fuckin HATE McNulty...they shoulda just made Bunk the main cop character and it woulda been a perfect show haha Predictions for episode 9? Mike is bout to body someone from his own camp, my money is on Snoop
  17. Most people know the deal with me and my ex, so you know I feel you on the still being hung up on her shit. I also tried to do the whole changing for her thing...I tried to quit graffiti, racking, fighting, drinking, etc etc. I was even wearing this gay rubber band I found in her bed on my wrist to be a constant reminder that i was trying to better my life to get her back. You know when that rubber band finally came off? i got depressed one night cuz I realized still nothing was changing no matter how much I did, so i got wasted drunk and went to a party where I kicked the shit out o
  18. Props for ICB hahaha, fuckin hilarious Get your ass down here this weekend son, shit is gunna be wild! Strip club Thursday, party at the crib Friday, then the club and a hotel party in a presidential suite Saturday night My last weekend of freedom for awhile, so you know I'm gunna do it up proper
  19. No bipolars? You can't rule out the crazies, they're so much damn fun! And SMASH all your friends
  20. So this is to those of you that are like me and watching a week ahead on On-Demand... WHAT THE FUCK, LAST NIGHT WAS FUCKIN CRAZY....Omar?!
  21. I hear that....I've stayed in some pretty shit situations just cuz I was used to it
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