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  1. I was upset for all of 36 seconds Then I realized that I don't play for the Patriots, so I'll be aite
  2. Me, Manute Bol, and a few other members of TEAM SCHWAGGGGGGGG haha Note: My boy in the front is dressed like that not cuz he's some fuckin douchebag, but because the party we were goin to was supposed to be 80's themed and he got pissed when they changed it so he decided to just go like that anyways
  3. I payed off my Boston probation, and am also paying off a large sum of money I owe my parents
  4. I miss having a girlfriend, cuz I miss hittin it from the back raw, and then shoving it in her ass when it was time to let off haha
  5. I'm about to say something that may shock some of you...keep in mind, I love Dr. P just as much as all of you. But I'mma hafta say the Walmart brand, Dr. Thunder, is just as good, if not better I know, I know.
  6. I do it as well...I'm 19, I go as low as 15
  7. First carbonated soft drink eh? So that means that business has only gone downhill from the very beginning...interesting Dr. pepper is an independent hustler, served at both Coke and Pepsi spots
  8. Nah, that ain't happening with me and her haha....she, most of the time, won't even answer my phone calls, and if she does she plays the whole "I love my new boyfriend, we're so happy together" blah blah bullshit with me. Apparently she forgets I know her better than that. But yeah, even if she does still love me she won't admit it to anyone, including herself. We had alot of problems, and me and her come from 2 different worlds and I was never willing to change anything about myself, partly cuz I shouldn't have to, and partly cuz I'm a stubborn piece of shit. I guess if she wants to be w
  9. In that case, I would love to see what you could come up with if you actually were drunk
  10. I usually tip delivery people like shit...I tip waiters real well though
  11. You can go back and read the thread on it, something like "It really is true" or whatever...I'll give the CliffNotes Dated for 2 years, I broke up with her, was a dick to her for like a month then decided I wanted her back, she said she wanted to be alone, string along gayness for 2 months, find out about new boyfriend, go insane, drink mad vodka, fight new boyfriend and his boys, get depressed, drink more vodka, lose like 20 lbs in a month cuz I can't eat/sleep/go to work, sneak around and continue to fuck girl behind his back for a few months, drink even more vodka, girl finally cuts
  12. AyeBee


    ^ Yup Edit: To Hatori
  13. I fuckin love drunken rants like this...I haven't made a real good one in awhile
  14. I have an issue that maybe someone on here can identify with. I don't talk about this much, to anyone, so yeah. I've noticed that aside from my ex (yeah, yeah....I mention her alot, whatever) anytime I have sex with a girl I get immediately disgusted by them. To the point where afterwards I either try to leave the room, or I get as far to the edge of the bed as possible and try to either fall asleep mad quick or just watch TV and zone out. This isn't even just random whores, this also applies to girls I've been fucking with for months at a time. It's like once the deed is done I wanna pre
  15. Have you seen 14 year olds lately?
  16. Some 14 year olds look like grown women..know what I hate most about being 19? That the youngest I'll allow myself to fuck is 15 :lol: And yeah, that girl is hot as fuck...good shit homie
  17. AyeBee

    The Bet

    $200 is my incentive homie...it's $200 plus the cost of the burgers
  18. AyeBee

    The Bet

    He's sayin "There'd hafta be something in it other than e-fame" And what do I want? $200, the cost of the burgers, and e-fame Not in the least bit unreasonable for the hell my body is gunna go through
  19. Re: Man beaten to death while trying to protect his son, in the same way his father was ki Wow this is fucked up
  20. AyeBee


    I have had a friend die from od'ing BECAUSE of this shit, he was addicted to it, prescribed to methadone, mixed some valium, perks, xanax, god knows what else and died. Oxy contin is usually what I see pre-heroin addicts addicted to, until they can't afford it and get a stronger high for cheap, it's all down hill from there though. Sucks losing friends to drugs, I used to try but I eventually cut them off. -Manute
  21. Yeah, around here juvenile house arrest is an automated system calling your crib and if you miss the call you get like 15 minutes to call back or they come grab you All I know for sure is I'm gettin an ankle bracelet, don't know the system yet
  22. AyeBee

    The Bet

    PM me when you've got the other $125 my dude
  23. AyeBee

    The Bet

    Whatever you say homie...you're SO sure and SO obsessed with seeing it, why not just throw down the $200 and get it poppin? By the way, reverse psychology stopped workin on me when I was like 6.
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