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  1. @mr.yuckso the way it works where I live is we pay a flat rate for electricity per kWh, and then you have to also pay for transmission and distribution. how this should work for me is in my long sun months, I will be exporting onto our grid (which they pay me for at the rate I pay per kWh) and because I’m not importing electricity my trans+dist costs should be heavily reduced. there is also an incentive for “micro generators” (aka me) where twice a year I can change my electricity rate, so in the long sun months I can swap to an inflated price so that my exported generation is compensated at a higher rate (though I will also have to pay that inflated rate for electricity I import in the evenings) & then when the winter months come back I switch back to my lower rate. The fed govt also kicked in $5k for me and is hooking up a no interest 10yr loan to pay off the rest of my balance on the cost of install… which should pay for itself with my generation savings. Hope this made sense. another thing to keep in mind is in Canada we are hosed on the cost of a battery, you guys get way better prices there so you could very well explore if a battery system makes more sense for your situation.
  2. shout out to our zen flamingo think this may be its first appearance in the thread
  3. @mr.yuck19 panels total for 7.8kW. This should be enough + some extra to generate for my needs. It’s not battery backed it’s connected to our grid so the months of March/April->Oct I’ll be generally exporting and only importing in the evenings for things like appliances etc super stoked on this, need to get some data history going now to see how the money flow looks! I *should* be in the black for electricity year over year going forward.
  4. Is he going for Modern Black Ninja or Bedouin?
  5. Is that a bottle of beer?
  6. Mao's policies that led to mass starvation got them alllllll fucked up.
  7. I would sell that bitch pronto, nobody who buys it needs to know its back story.
  8. That dude is apparently youtube famous for destroying cars on purpose.
  9. binged through this over a few days with the wife.
  10. Some recents that I've finished
  11. Evap might not be draining condensate, esp if there's ice build up. If the compressor isn't kicking on it could be seized, but if there is a leak this could also be the reason it won't kick on - no vapour to move. Godspeed.
  12. Does the compressor kick on? coils on evap are cool? Are they cooler at the bottom or top?
  13. Good old Altoona style pizza
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