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  1. Angle of that slice looks wonky but pie looks tasty.
  2. In my experience people get fed up with Unions for 'protecting' lazy workers. I have worked both Union and non in my line of work and prefer to be non Union, but I also work for a company that treats us well. I think Unions are important to keep employers honest (lol, well you know what I mean) and on their toes.
  3. Now this is what these threads are all about.
  4. Ahh shoot, sorry to hear that. I hope you start hearing back soon, I know how frustrating that can feel. Something similar happened to me about 3 months after my first was born, not fun.
  5. metronome


    I bought a new bike. It was/is extravagant. I will post pics once it's in the stable.
  6. metronome


    RIP to your cross country but glad you're okay!
  7. cheeseburger and pizza themed IPA's hmm
  8. I stumbled across a new band with chin rock energy for the boys
  9. I don't think these ones make it out of the province I live in unfortunately. Flavour combo is deadly though.
  10. For podcasts I prefer to use the apple app unless its the odd spotify premium show. I kind of prefer to listen to them at 1.25x and spotify web app doesn't let you do that and I don't pay for premium spotify. I can see how youtube works for people too but I find myself too easily distracted and end up having to re-listen to stuff too much with youtube.
  11. Would you though? I would.
  12. @Deine Mudder what do you have against the hot dog pizza my man.
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