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  1. hahaha this show is still on? blast from the past i moved on to savage love like ten years ago
  2. !@#$%


    ^ i quit drinking and went to weed about 10 years ago after i ended up in the hospital it just opened up another dependency issue .. albeit a FAR less destructive one. it did help me quit smoking i've managed to cut way back on it, finally, in the past year. still smoking every day though
  3. Brickslayers is for flick threads of walls only, thanks i don't care for it when people tag next to pieces there are plenty of places to put tags but the ugliest is when they tag above the piece.
  4. busy work day. takin a short break then peacin tf out
  5. !@#$%

    Dear ________,

    ^neti pot and salt gargle
  6. it's all about the money, really. people who were totally against it saw the flood of cash and are singing a different tune. i'd like to know wtf happened in ohio the other day though. sad stuff.
  7. he was the man. what a sense of humor. i feel so dumb for not going to the benefit he threw here last year.
  8. yep. lots of the memes say that too
  9. we've been bombarded with ads for awhile it's interesting to go places where it's even worse than in the US. i always thought the ubiquitousness of ads was an easy justification for graffiti i hate ads though, for the most part. sometimes i see some good ones but netflix basically ruined regular tv for me - i cannot stand to watch commercial breaks, even on mute. i did see some ads i liked in The Poisoner's Handbook - a docu about early forensic science. they were trying to sell you something that would kill you though
  10. now that's some weird spam. i just liked a post from 2011. :worried:
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    wow. very sorry to hear that, SMdXL thanks so much for sharing. RIP AWP after having a good year last year i've had a hard time lately. the struggle definitely ebbs and flows best wishes to all :heartpulse:
  12. i'm not sure about phillip k dick as an author, but i can't critique, i've never read his stuff cuz i start it and don't really like it enough to continue - do androids dream of electric sheep bring one example. he might be a little too out-there for me it happens though. i've been trying to read/finish infinite jest for several decades. i read about 200 pages and then put it down for like 10 years. i downloaded a ton of books yesterday i've got my spring/summer reading cut out for me. some highlights..
  13. damn ancient bump. i wonder how pistol is doin
  14. !@#$%


  15. yeah. i hate that one. same as the club drugs. like ecstasy is killing shittons of peeps or some shit (or maybe the DEA is the grim reaper)
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