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    Dear ________,

    dear oontz who's in the 40 and over crew? i'm a fresh member. shit is insane. 30 was no biggie but i'm having a bit of a mental meltdown over this one
  2. graduated from college published co-author on over 25 peer-reviewed pubs paid writer & photographer bought a house painted who knows how much mom died got married to an oontzer been to 45 (additional) states, 53+ countries and 300+ cities learned a ton
  3. i too am concerned about WeaponXXX hopefully we'll hear something good soon. welcome back peeps. we've missed you.
  4. hey, thanks! hahaha i've taught myself to sew and mostly wear my own clothes these days /notposting
  5. Rage's passaround was completed. i wasn't satisfied with my contribution but oh well also did one with some oontz ladies. me, suki, seven.13, maybe some other folks i think most of the rest were lost tho
  6. woah. random hero and mitch throwback thursday or some shit anyway i think we might've lost another developer. last post was in may and there's only been lurking since, with last login July 7 or something. don't expect much. we mods have exactly zero control over the front page and the social media accounts, and there has been nothing but crickets from the actual people running things behind the scenes. glorious days are gone.
  7. ^ i don't know if i've posted this is in here before but it's a good one and i read it really quickly.
  8. flip flops and socks and sweatpants
  9. read this, quickly easy to read. i'd say on an elementary school level. but a decent story. read a short story in this book. kinda sad. will be reading the rest eventually. thinking of reading this
  10. i saw that article. smh. i will say this... re: oontz - nothing good lasts forever re: juggalos - as long as there are people, there will always be idiots
  11. !@#$%


    nice, xen. occupying oneself can be crucial keep it up and slide soma that unlimited PT my way haha
  12. ugh the japanese porn thread was the absolute worst. can't unsee that insanity
  13. hahahahahaa so terrible good times indeed
  14. Rit? No. get some Marsh or good luck finding this Rit isn't particularly dark or permanent
  15. go to your local credit union for what are likely the best available rates
  16. finally had pizza yesterday after a 3 month hiatus livin the dream
  17. i dunno OT, that PMB and his shower fart was pretty good too :tongueclosed: you def brought up some money memories tho. oontz OG
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