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  1. aww yes. this is like the good ol days
  2. damn DAO pops back in now lessee some Tesseract up in heeya
  3. dood. are there even scary movies anymore? i saw Going Clear (about scientology) that was a little scary. It Follows was ok. movies like the original Oldboy are way too fucked up for a streaming service. entertainment doesn't scare me much anymore. i've got real life for that ;p
  4. i was gonna complain about how this isn't even your story, it's some moron friend of yours' then i saw the last comment. yes, if you are too fucking dumb to get married without ruining yourself financially, then yea, satisfy yourself with pros until you drop dead
  5. it has not escaped my notice that weed is getting legalized in places without big minority populations
  6. also, don't aspire to join a crew. they don't really work like that getting caught can definitely lead to jail. fuck. your level of ignorance is such that i hope you put down the markers and step away from graffiti forever.
  7. if you have never 'hit' a train in your life, for the sake of your life, stay away from them.
  8. This is not a section of the site for asking newb questions. that's 3rd rail http://forum.12ozprophet.com/index.php?forums/third-rail.20/
  9. metal heads is a section strictly for graffiti on rails.
  10. word, one of those that game the system. i have not tried them like i said, when i get the good fare, i usually try to book directly with the airline, and MOST of the time, it's worked out even this last year, when i booked patagonia tix thru travelocity bc of an insane sale (7 hundo, round trip with a 3 day layover in Santiago) priceline ended up 'exchanging' that fare (or some shit) such that i ended up with a reservation directly through LAN and United. priceline isn't even involved in it anymore. i also am usually flying internationally. i don't like to play games on those flights. that said, i'll give skiplagged a look see... i am so hemmed up with travel plans ATM though, i can't plan anymore trips until some time goes by.
  11. all good cali. i'm not worried about thread derails with such limited traffic acapulco is super dangerous and very dicey right now drugs, cartel/gang wars.. i've heard some bad things and i'm not sure the risks are worth the good deals since there are many places suffering from drops in tourism that are so much safer. buying direct with the airline gives you so much more power. when i see the deal, i go right to the airline website the other thing is that if so and so is offering a tickets hundos cheaper than the airline itself, something is wrong. the sucky thing about places that travel hack (and priceline will do this) is that you might travel in multiple carriers and in that case, if there is a delay on any leg of a mutli-leg flight, you may be screwed whereas the same airline will help you move your way without tons of extra money i know this can all seem like too much trouble, but when you travel as much as i do, there are bound to be problems at some point and it's worth trying to minimize the damage. as for travel agents, if someone wants me to put together a trip for them, i will beat any travel agent's commission. :haha:
  12. We hated Thailand. I'm not saying don't go, but go places other than bangkok. i've heard chiang mai is where it's at try Cambodia. also we love Turkey. we've been several times but only to istanbul i'd love to see cappadocia. so you should definitely go
  13. oops. i was way off on that name. sorry, i'm not one to know the name of any porn stars. that name just happened to be the name of someone that used to frequent this site. my fault.
  14. finally back in this thread, never watched true dick S2 but prolly will check it out (expectations appropriately lowered) narcos season 2. never thought i'd go back to cops n robbers but this has been a quality show
  15. hey, no problemo yes,i try to read up. sometimes it's just looking at killinghope.com and seeing if the country has a chapter in there. i usually try to check out the basic facts about the place at a bare minimum, like wikipedia shit (wiki is pretty good for stuff like this imo, saves me trouble really.) sometimes CIA world factbook can tell you other interesting stuff but i also look at what the state department is saying about places. i never wanna be ignorant. we also have a TON of travel books. mostly lonely planet but their quality is not as reliable as it once was. those books almost always address some historical stuff to get the broad strokes. to book, i have tended to check kayak (and avoid weird 3rd party booking sites that they might have priced on there, like webjet. i've heard orbitz is dicey. expedia, travelocity and priceline are ok but i try to book directly with the airline) i often come up with amazing deals. these days i've learned that following theflightdeal on facebook can be good. they tipped me off to a 1 day sale which got me $400 tix to korea. stay flexible, and go where the sale takes you, is my advice to basically everyone. if you are close to or can easily reach multiple gateways, check them all. for rooms, i look at booking.com for the deal and check the quality of the place on tripadvisor. TA has been where i've gone to book or find the (few) tours i've taken, and it's been fantastic so far stay away from acapulco.
  16. !@#$%


    good luck xen. we all have to follow our own path
  17. !@#$%


    oh fuck. i guess? it was a joke but i feel obligated to mention that i never deleted the drug thread. very sorry to see this. the struggle is real. Rest in Peace swordfish.
  18. we've always had a no names policy around here peeps. i let it slide the first time but let's not refer to anyone by their govt name.
  19. still trying to bolster my knowledge of world history
  20. ^word. i went to Mexico City last weekend fucking awesome place and incredibly cheap. do yourself a favor and go.
  21. i liked it but they screwed up the dialogue just a little no one said douchebag back then but still, a good show with a great soundtrack as for the finale, it was pretty typically 'hollywood gonna leave this beyotch open and see if the people want more' pretty obvious where they were going with that but netflix has produced some excellent tv. i ain't mad at em. currently enjoying season 2 of narcos. (and i thought i'd never watch another law enforcement/cops n robbers show ever again)
  22. marrying a mod IS the VIP action /wonksaggin
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