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  1. I agree it would have been better to never get legally married for my friend but he made a dumb mistake and now the feminist system in America is destroying him. This is why I never married an American bitch. I suggest men to just go to Asia, fuck 100s of prostitutes, then come back to America, work, save up money, and go back and do it again. Girls are so cheap in Asia that you can work in America, save up money for 6 months, and then go to Thailand and have sex with like 200 girls. So you can take a sex vacation twice a year.
  2. Such hypocrisy. So it's okay for women to pay for sex, but if a man pays for sex, it's illegal: http://metro.co.uk/2016/05/25/women-are-now-paying-to-have-expert-vagina-massages-5902375/ White women are so fucking full of shit. White women are nothing but immature little children and giving them the right to vote is what ultimately led to the destruction of the West.
  3. It isn't my story. I simply added a footnote to the story.
  4. I asked him to write another couple of paragraphs, and I think he is going to ask someone if they know of any inexpensive legal help, because right now the feminist divorce courts and family court system is screwing him over badly. He brought over some illegal parasite whore to America and the ungrateful bitch is simply trying to milk him for as much money as possible. Remember guys, DO NOT ever get married to ANY woman. It is simply too dangerous from a legal/financial standpoint. Just fuck bitches or fuck prostitutes. Give women the husband they deserve- NONE!
  5. Here is the story of an American man who married a foreign woman and brought her back to America: In 2013, I decided to take a trip to dominican republic on the search of a relationship. Never had I had trouble meeting women but I wanted one young enough to bare me a child who had a brain. Ok. So, I intrusted myself to a company on the internet. I then processed to the country to make the connection with the women at a nice hotel in hato mayor dominican republic. Everything seems ok. When returning she said she was with child and I asked her, what would you like to do. Its your decision. She chose to keep the baby, and I understood my responsibilty. Before this pregrancy she had nothing. Her own parents gave her no money, bad clothes, no medical. When she met me, I made many changes from helping her apperance with ( feet ) and repairing her neglected teeth and the list goes on.she appeared thankful while in dominican republic. While pregnant, support was every month on time to build some wealth for the baby when he or she arrives. I brought everything a mother could want. Her family brought nothing. Not one item. The mother wanted her out. The pregnancy was going well and my son was born. Immediately i went back to see my joy and show my love for my child and mother. Then i was being pressed by my family here in the united states to see the child and give him a better education here then there and better health. I did not want to do it. I just heard to many stories. But, I did it anyway. So I filed for the documents with the federal government and was approved. It cost me thousands. When arriving before the marriage things seems decent. I was not going to move forward with the marriage. She then got my mother to defend her on staying and wanted marriage. So we went to city hall. I just felt un even on that day. After the marriage the demands started from money to support for her mother, to bringing her mother here, going thru things when I was not home. Being very aggresive with her words. I told her this is not working. I told her I will be filing for a sepration and not filing for any green card. The yelling started and the disrespect in the mothers home begin. Immediately the police where called to my home about something i did not know. The police interviewed me and told me I better get out of this marriage because the women is trouble. They gave me the documents against her. Her first scam back fired. She then obtained the knowledge to get some sort of counsel and filed abuse against me and child support and marriage support of this short time of 3 months being married. It was incredible. I am now a abuser, a neglector, a stocker, and lonely old man at 49. Her counsel is incredible. A male who looks at me and roles his eyes in the court room and tells dishonest things to make his case. How does a illegal get counsel? How does a illegal who is working get away from i.r.s how does a illegal with no papers or social security and here on a violation of her federal aggrement get all of this help? She has beened divorce papers and I have my doc number. I just can not afford a high price lawyer to help me. They appoint me lawyers who are just sitting around. I was appointed a women lawyer who was intelligent but seem to not have my best interest at heart. She just got the case postponed and ask the judge , ok so im released from this case and said thank you your honor and told me to take care. I pay support weekly. I never had to pay for my child i supported regulary. Now all of a sudden I do. Out of 30 days her counsel got the judge to let me have 2 sleep overs out of 30 daysa month. Incredible. I do not know where my son goes to school. Who he is with, is he being neglected, molested or anything. There are no signs of abuse from me on child or mother. Nothing but love. I just do not want to be with the mother and ahe turned into pure evil. She td my 75 year old mother, she will do what ever it takes to stay here. So. Every brooklyn family court is killing me slowely. I wish someone could follow me and film this. I as of lately put a tracking devi e on my phone to show my locations since im a so called stocker. (END OF STORY) This is why it is too dangerous to get legally married to ANY woman, even to a foreign woman. The best and safest option for modern men is to simply fuck prostitutes. And I've already written extensively on the subject of WHY prostitutes are far superior to normal women. Google "Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women" to read my full essay at The Red Pill Reddit.
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