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  1. This will be the most monumental short play of all time..
  2. So outside of it being a cock fest is the movie itself any good?
  3. When was that movie made? 1992?
  4. This exact car and I love the damn thing. i've re-done most of my house with the space I have in this thing
  5. That kid in the background whos face you can see like halve of and is blurred is the kid that took the fatal blow. True story.
  6. Dude that gif... Whats the hell?
  7. Telo

    moving abroad

    Why do they even make Oxys? Ive heard nothing but bad about that shit.. Is it for severe pain or something?
  8. God damn I hate Canadians and Canadian accents.
  9. When I was 13 I was on an airplane from Chicago to Ft Myers Beach and this girl who was i believe 22 or 23 and I got to talking. About 45 minutes into the flight she had her hand down my pants touching my junk. That was probably the weirdest experience in my life thus far.
  10. Re: So I hung out w/"Banksy"... What the fuck u do.... Did blow with Shia Lebeuf or however you spell his name.
  11. My girlfriend is a disability attorney for a pretty large disability firm not in New York but that doesn't matter due in part because that is treated as a federal issue. In turn that means that any disability attorney from any state can practice in any other state. She travels quite a bit. Link doesnt work.
  12. Go to Gary Indiana. I hear It's beautiful.
  13. what is the animal leg in that photo?
  14. I mean anything can be lucrative if you have enough of it. What are we talking about? an acre of morels? Yeah go for it.. If its not going to yield you more than a few hundred bucks I wouldn't bother. Give them to friends that like to cook. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090503145456AAN0gvH
  15. Quite an excellent beer to hang a lip on.
  16. WEAK.. Come back when you've got your hands on like 1500 credit card #s.
  17. Re: Canine murder mystery, or doggie suicide? (warning: graphic... this is a photo thread. Whoa..
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