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  1. Actually Theodore Roosevelt said this.
  2. Telo


    Wasn't all that impressed with this movie. Definitely a good movie but certainly not all it was hyped up to be. I personally think some of the directing could of been a little better, some things left out and some other aspects added in. IMO.
  3. You should of thrown water in there as a third choice.. Just saying
  4. I'm sorry but that looks extremely lame..
  5. Absolutely not.. Actually quite a appropriate and slightly creative. Good job
  6. haha.. Great episode.. But in all honesty yep, sure am. I'll freely admit that. But its more of a get bored with them type deal.
  7. I've never been dumped. There were obviously signs and you failed to recognize them. Stay ahead of the curve son. /always does the dumping one
  8. One of my best girlfriends is there right now, she's updating facebook with pics like 3 times a day. The city looks really rowdy right now.
  9. Haven't been to Thomas Kellers French Laundry but I HAVE been to his restaurant in NYC Per Se which was an unreal experience.
  10. Oysters and the ladies martini Coppola and some crab legs Paella and some Vino About to throw on some Barese. If you aren't familiar i hghly recommend searching one out for yourself. Asparagus and Caprese Grilled salmon, roasted reds, on a bed of spinach Grilled arctic char, Butter sage pasta with roasted red peppers Meh.. might as well throw in an extra.. a picture i took of some models
  11. Re: Great Pictures~ Certainly not great pictures but I wouldn't mind having one of those Zebra Ponies.
  12. 3,300 penalty minutes in 17 seasons.. Enough said
  13. I find it hard to believe it's an "interesting night" if the night involves 12oz.
  14. Reading a few pages back reminded me. The very first time I ever spent the night at my ex girlfriends house I walked out the next day to see some pretty gnarly shit. She lived on the 25th floor of a high rise in our downtown area. When i woke up the next day I walked downstairs hit the corner and not 10 feet away from me was a dead body with pink brains splattered all over the street. Apparently not 60 seconds before I hit the corner to head to my car dude had jumped off the 16th floor and committed suicide. Pretty nasty shit.
  15. Good story/pics CELT, I've always wanted to work at an airport for several reasons. 1. IMO the airport is the best place to pick up chicks. 2. You never know what you will see. The airport is bananas 24hrs a day. 3. Fly for free.
  16. If you are into really good food, (and i know it sounds cliche') but they have some fantastic cheese. some of them easily rival many of the well known italian, swiss, and french cheeses. Food for thought (no pun intended)
  17. Drinking this right now. I've never had one before but im neither impressed nor disappointed, just neutral. It's has a small bit of sweetness and very light in body. Meh, would be a good summer brew where the point is to drink many of them in the hot sun.
  18. Sitting in the Charlotte airport regretting that I decided to use the power outlet thats immediately adjacent to the water fountain.
  19. Dude I'm vacationing at a Villa in Tuscany right now and this had me lol'ing so god damn hard that it's echoing off these stone walls something awful..
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