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  1. I love bar tending. It's certainly not what I'm going to do my whole life but for my teens and now into my mid 20s it's definitely something i enjoy and have fun doing. Reputable college degree? Yeah I have one, but am not ready to put it to use yet.
  2. "I lost 20 pounds... How? By drinking bear piss and taking up fencing. How the fuck do you think son? exercise?"
  3. Nice to know someone on this site is relatively into fashion outside of myself.
  4. Telo

    MIA Born Free

    Yeah they definitely not done for good. I still hear stuff about them from time to time, just not as strong as before.
  5. Telo

    MIA Born Free

    Well yes and no. I mean her father was a high ranking official for some time, but i dont think she had any actual affiliation. And aren't they relatively dormite now after the recent events? But this is exactly what i was thinking about while I was watching it. What is she trying to say? what is she trying to prove?
  6. Telo


    No debt. Few hundo on a credit card but i don't constitute that as debt.
  7. yeah i dont get it either EDIT* Ah ok I got it now, had to get through your terrible ability to make a post and decipher it myself.
  8. Drinking one of these: And enjoying one of these:
  9. Really surprised no one has said Rosita. This is the well where i bartend and lots of other places i frequent.. Wait you guys do know what a "well tequila" is right?
  10. Telo

    juggalo news

    That is the stupidest shit I've ever seen in my life.
  11. This shits hilarious.. I remember this..
  12. Drinking this right now... Ehhhh decent. Not a brew to drink for character or body..
  13. Yeah but sans the ability to make a phone call.. which was the big draw to the iphone. it was a cellphone and an ipod.. with a bunch of cool extras.
  14. Im an avid Mac user and have been for quite a few years now but the Ipad seems to be absolutely useless.. Is there something im not seeing here? Its pretty much the same as a laptop but smaler?
  15. One more reason why suicide should be legalized.. All this shit could of been avoided and regulated..
  16. If you like margaritas start drinking Long Islands.
  17. No one could tell you like LSD.. Really..
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