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  1. down for the last two pages...even fatties and bench press hoes
  2. Yo this store across from my friends place sells little glass vile's like that with fake roses/other flowers in it........funny thing is...it's in crack town. Maybe your mom had one of those with a flower in it my dude.
  3. I was in up state ny, walking through a flea-market. I notice this dude walking towards me dressed in a monster jacket, nascar style, hat, t-shirt,and shoes......... the asshole in me drops "are you doing a signing here today?" Monsterdude-"huh" Me-"oh sorry man thought you were my boy who rides for em" Monsterdude-"No guy, I just come here for the gear" I walked away ashamed of life.....I wanted to make bootlegged mma and monster shit for ever!
  4. Fill with the female skinny if your worried about paint.....I just hit a rusted out box using a old can of nutmeg and new one, the new valve style went way further then I was expecting and even used it to feather out the rusto fat fill lines. If you grew up using Krylon with new york fats and skinnys you will LOVE the caps Trout sells, I find that the fats put the Rusto paint out softer and very similar to ny fats on krylon......maybe I'm looking to far into this.
  5. Trout is the best place out for sure.......anyone else can fuck off.I mean this
  6. I am a super perv.....used to fuck this chick that was married to a guy, dating a girl and let me RAIIIILLLL her out. She turned me into real perv, choking, spitting, fish hooks anything weird thing she wanted, I'd do it! That was years ago...I miss her
  7. i've always wanted to go there but never had a reason
  8. I did the hotwire nail bitter.....got a whip and a flight under a 700....not hating but last week it was like 399:(
  9. Virgin doesn't fly domestic like I need it too....but I remember seeing flicks ihu posted that looked like a club but was a flight!
  10. What a rip off, all my life I was told it's cheaper.....not at all!
  11. I'm game Guys!!!! I'm playing a shitty joke on my friend who is currently holding auditions for some graff girl thing.....I need a set of clothed, then semi nude flicks of a fucking beast. I'm not home and would lurk myself but I really need some 12 oz help on screwing with my boy. I will post all emails for the lolz
  12. Is it weird that I'm more bummed out that she fucked you? and not you fucked some cum dumpster? meh whatevz faggot
  13. that is wife material in my books
  14. Re: Tsunami Slams Northern Japan After Massive 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCeD_6Y3GQc
  15. SELLLLLL OUT FAGGOTS...IT'S ON NOW.....no really good for them,they better show Raven a steak dinner home boy schooled alot of us on who they were back when.
  16. obvious smashes.....smashed...big mami smash...weird muscle hoe smash
  17. take the first 2k to buy a whip.......I had no idea you were from the D
  18. nice......funny shit about that rack you posted.
  19. i spy with my little eye some FUCKING CHEETO FEETS
  20. hier aor!auto rack big boy.......
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