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  1. Re: 12OZ CRIBS - April 2007 edition (aka ABC & rental's new pad edition) hahaha yeah. its a sloppy stitch job in photoshop! i know it looks way weird like someones invisible fatass is sitting on the bed.
  2. Re: 12OZ CRIBS - April 2007 edition (aka ABC & rental's new pad edition) too lazy to take pics of my whole house.. and its pretty much the same since the last 12oz cribs thread.... however ive recently re-did my guest/spare room since devilush & fist2cuffs were in town recently. :)
  3. my purse, my wedding rings, phone, lip gloss or chapstick, my camera + batteries, knife, wipes, money/wallet, bottle of water.
  4. on the radio they were saying how some swedish people were gunna name their daughter "Metallica"they were dissing but i thought it sounded awesome.its metallica with an accent. "meta'-licka"moral of the story: sweden rules
  5. macapuno... its filipino coconut ice cream, ube= which is purple yam, &avacado ice cream. YUM.
  6. ummmm......."10 Dollar Blowjobs"= priceless
  7. DEE38


    oh wait, my bad.
  8. DEE38


    CHEAP ASS SANRIO SHIT GALORE! i can't wait for some pics mes.
  9. aww rental. it's not your fault that they're totally missing out.i would of been all up in that brie like woah. cheese and fruit is a must with my wine. i used to eat cheese all the freaking time. but i've cut back a lil-- but it used to be my guitly pleasure.i could seriously LIVE on cheese. anyone remember goverment cheese back in the day.. that really strong chedder? i associate that cheese with my childhood because my mom would get it. but anyway i went to Cheesecake factory and thats the kinda cheese they used for my son's macaroni and cheese! goddamn that was some good ass cheese.
  10. DEE38


    ps: whats up with tarentino trying to be an shamalan and shit? whatever, it was ok. i didn't mind him being in the movie, but..... he made me uncomforatble. "im gunna get my dick wet"
  11. DEE38


    we had alot of fun at this movie. the "fake" trailers made this movie 200% more awesome. And I do agree I got a lil bored in DeathProof when they talked for like an hour straight or someshit. not really. but like it was said.. it was to set the mood of the characters.WEREWOLF WOMEN IN THE SS! WITH FU MANCHU! hhhhhhhhhhhhahahahhaoh and of course smash to rose mcgowan. but i also want to give honorary mentions to that chick from new zeland and the jungle julia. she isn't way hot or anything, but she is definately sexy. when she's dancing (or flinging her hair around) in front of the jukebox to Smiths "baby it's you".................... ommmmmmmmmmgggggggggggg. penis hardon (if i had one.)
  12. pat meat with paper towel, season with salt and pepper = grill till juices run dry, turn 45 degrees for grill marks, flip, repeat
  13. skintamate basically scrapes your dead skin away and plants a strawberry scent on you while you shave. :) ps: skintamate for dry skin with aloe only, please. :(
  14. *not shown: dove body soap and aprocot scrub! love the aprocot scrub.
  15. keeping it 100% awesome with my "sweet n fresh"
  16. sneak isn't gunna approve but my name is persian. it means "dawn"
  17. that omelet looks good! the other stuff like homemade fries hurt my heart :(i like to cook chicken alot. i like to marinate meat and throw it on the grill as of lately. i used to eat mashed potatoes + rice with all my meals, but now i'll have a salad instead of the carbs.my newest dish that i've put into our dinner mix is thai spicy chicken. it's with peanuts, red pepper, basil and cilantro and bean sprouts and the hubby likes it. i'll serve it over whole grain brown rice.other than that, alot of stir frys, baked stuff like pot roast and meatloaf and such.
  18. OMG!!!!!! YES YES YES! i loved this book! you've brought back so many memories..
  19. ps: i dont know where else to post this so here goes:
  20. candy is dandy but liquor is quicker!
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