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  1. one more: MAKROS666 (or was it markos666?) / enough said! i miss him!
  2. when it was safe enough to post tasteful tits photos of the girl members. i probably had a girl crush on all of them. bodice ripper when tease asked if you could get pregnant from swallowing cum. cooking with are2 thread. i think it's still in effect. there was an older guy who used to post some of the most intelligent, enlighting shit on here, and i miss him. he was like.. 50? bobbiboli? fucking cop! who fell in love with 12oz. then got banned. there was the one girl, with the uma thurman hair cut? oh yeah lilly. she had big boobs.
  3. DEE38


    awe! well i'm old school. :)
  4. Over the summer I did a lil series called "Sweet Treats" because my son and I ate ice cream for breakfast for a week straight... it was so fucking hot in vegas. ------- I haven't painted in acrylics in a while (I've been busy) but this was from a show I had earlier this year:
  5. I can't believe I haven't pop'ed in here sooner (Untitled) It might be my new favorite hangout.
  6. DEE38


    and PS do you guys still say wonk saggin? Seeking, post them up! Pos- Very nice.
  7. DEE38


    Complex, I think it's a cool start, but I have to agree with everyone else that it does look unfinished. Like Grin said, it could serve as a really cool background for something on top..... or maybe building more colors on it.. or even different values of red (red to dark red?) might bring out the overall piece more. I think what it's lacking is some contrast on the top... you have a focal point on the bottom which is cool, but my eye wants to see something else going on on top of the solid area on top. If that makes sense? Also, thinking of displaying.. it would look interesting if it was sideways... a gradient from the reds to the drips..then the white part of the canvas? We are so used to seeing a drip coming from top to bottom.. the direction you hang this piece could change the overall look and feel of it. :) My two cents. I teach first and second year art/design students and I see a lot of experimental pieces like this.. and I think it's a good starting point.. with the whole mixed media/techniques and all.. and I'm always pushing them to take it to that next level! wonk saggin
  8. hi guys I was just wondering if you could help a gal out... like some of you, putting in your xmas wish list in.. I'm in the same boat and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for some good, reasonable accessories for the Canon G12. I'm trying to do some research online but all the photography lingo is confusing and i'm in between noob and medium grade noob. A lot of the forums or blogs I've been to talk about speedlights and lens's. If yall could suggest some reasonable ones, (or any other "must have" accessories, i'd greatly appreciate it :)
  9. wait is that zac effron? i don't even know because those homos look all the same these days. i can't keep up areankay, love your tree.
  10. witttttyyyyyyyyyyyy nice nite pic inapro! yall are a bunch of minimalists i see. my house has several trinkets and collection of shit. and hell no on the justin beebs tree.
  11. Natures Own whole wheat Pan de sal hawaiian rolls
  12. hi !@#$%! i have never had a potted tree... how big do they get?? if anything, i love getting a tree because they smell sooooooooo goooddd.. and make the house smell piney and great. which is enough reason for me to get one....... :D at star nursery here, you can get 7 feet douglar firs for 19.99. hella affordable xmas like whoa. ps- nice drue! let me guess. you don't have kids? your pad is hella clean and tidy.
  13. inaprop: can I get a night pic? icb: cute! I really like the train set below. I always wanted one but they're $$. and thanks cali. i've never met anyone that celebrates Kwanzaa, but have met people that look like they would. is that racist? like this one lady I work with..... she wears those outfits to work: wonk saggin
  14. Exactly what the title says. (Hanukkah and Kwanzaa set-up's welcomed also) ;)
  15. wtf. I came in here specifically for thanksgiving food porn. :nope: sad face
  16. Re: If you werent your RACE, what race would you rather be? or ethnicity for the hippy nig I promised myself I wouldn't reply to stupid threads, but whoever said Indians were ugly has obviously not seen Padma Lakshmi: she's so hot even with her scar from a car accident when she was like 7.
  17. ;) nothin' much! how are you old friend? paying for drinks gets expensive.. the only drink i'll ever buy just for the heck of it are those margarita bongs, because they're fun and taste good. even the locals back pack their beer! my husband carries a flask at times too. whoever said hitting up happy hour is on point.. mad cheap beers and 1/2 price grub! look into PT's pub, i think you'd like it and there are like 20 here in vegas. lee's discount liquor for all your needs..... also like 20 of those around town. the bellagio has a good buffet. you can eat steak and eggs for 5 bucks after midnight at a lot of places... oxtail soup = california hotel, which is like a landmark for tourists. FREMONT STREET! our art district is on charelston and main. all around there. Good luck.
  18. it wasn't that great at all. but i guess it was nice watching all those little flashbacks.
  19. oh I forgot to mention, PT's pub is also a local favorite. beer, food, even lil gambling.
  20. I forgive you because you like the office. Thanks for reminding me to watch the newest episode on hulu!
  21. are you crazy. That movie is fucking hilarious. That chinese dude from "Community" is the reason why I watched it a second time
  22. Robertos taco shops for Mexican food The Rio buffet is 30 bucks but its the best in town in my opinion lots of strip clubs if you're into that. If you're gunna be down for the first friday of the month, check that out. http://www.firstfriday-lasvegas.org/ check out fremont street go here to check out bands playing and other entertainment stuff during the time you're here: http://www.lasvegascitylife.com/calendar/ here to: http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/ if you're down here, pick up Las Vegas City Life or Las Vegas Weekly.. can be found at pretty much any grocery store for free by the nifty nickle and shit. New issues come out every thursday. You're welcome.
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