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  1. DEE38


    whaaaaaaaaat? a passport? thats bullshit >( i go to algadones all the time when im in AZ. never have i ever needed a passport. then again-- the last time i went was during thanksgiving. :(
  2. the worse is when i was in college, being lit.... and eating an entire bag of blueberry bagels. when i'm not having the "munchies" 1 bagel is usually VERY filling. but 6 bagels? shit was insanse. my stomach almost exploded. dee /nodrugs
  3. i know what you mean. when you're on vacation....... no worries.then you get home and BAM. you got bills waiting for you in the mail, dogs to feed, work, school, etc.:(
  4. DEE38


    pimps up hoes down you're either a pimp or a hoe
  5. actually i haven't had any fast food since........ thats silly not eating mcdonalds but still eating BK. all the same shit. i think KFC might be the worst (sorry cat face but i've heard stories :(......but SMASH on the KFC bowl though :( )
  6. not sparta. have you NOT seen SUPERSIZE ME? that shit scarred me for life. haven't had mcdonalds since. :(
  7. hahaha if i saw that happen i'd LOL too. then start moving like the oricle and have popcorn float around me.
  8. so cute! she kinda looks like a little tiger at times! its the orange/brownish coat with the black lines.
  9. sorry but i have to look after your cholestoral dude, and no cookies
  10. ps: when i was NOT sparta, i'd like to get my cookies from these little girls in front of those super markets..
  11. cookies are NOT sparta trying throw a wrench in my game!
  12. i don't bake cookies (inthenude) devilush does
  13. most things i could change on my own.... so im gunna say i'd like longer thicker hair. definatley. and some tattoo coverups.
  14. ps: my bitch just had puppies last night, amniotic sacs and bile not cute
  15. wow, baby otters over everything...... melt my heart!
  16. DEE38


    nice job!!!!! glad to see you making $$ from it too. keep it up, post more pics!
  17. i iron my hubbys uniform daily and make him breakfast. good wifey status.
  18. OH and a really great read is : THE ABS DIET BOOK and I love eggs. Usually I will splurge on egg beaters which is 99% eggs, no cholestoral, fat free, and taste fucking awesome. Or if I run out, i'll just use 2 or 3 egg whites. And as for frying shit..... I use a zero calorie olive spray. We've started grilling shit everyday. Better flavor, no extra fat for frying, etc.
  19. Issac, awesome thread. Much props for dropping 70 lbs. How long did it take?! This past month i've been keeping it "sparta" (as Sneak and i would say) and trying to get back into pre-baby body status. As of today i've lost a good 15 lbs this month doing the following: 1. FOOD DIARY / CALORIE COUNTING! it's not that hard. Alot of people can just add that shit up in their head throughout the day, but I write it down and add it up. This has been my motivation. Honestly i've been eating ALOT.. ALOT OF THE RIGHT FOOD that is! And not starving my self like most people would. That a big no no. If you're hungry, then fucking eat! Just eat the right thing. Bascially I eat 1200 or less a day. Usually less... but then I eat bags of salad a day, use non fat dressing, or shit no dressing at all. The weight just melts off. I used to be really bad at eating sweets. Candy bar here, and there. nope that shit aint sparta. I reach for an apple now or grill some asparagus for a snack. YUM! 2. NO FAST FOOD! nothing to say here, but that shit will kill you. I've dropped fast food and haven't looked back. 3. HOT SAUCE! my best friend. Okay so yeah I eat tuna on the daily. It gets boring sometimes...... but all you need is a lil hot sauce to transform food. It gives it some kick! But don't use too much because it had lots of sodium and shit. But hot sauce is your friend if you can handle it hot. I even put tabasco on my salads. And the bonus? It makes you drink more and more water, which is GOOD for you. 4. WORK OUT. Working out seems like such a chore -- TILL you see results. Then you feel fucking awesome. I usually do some kind of working out a day. Usually 2 miles on the treadmil--in the morning--- then do my weights, crunches, sit ups and night. Then you hit the sack, wake up.. and oh shit you've lost a pound getting you metabolism pumpin before bed.. turning your body into a fat burning machine. Our latest purchase that we're crazy about: PULL UP BAR. you can get one for 15 bucks at Target. That shit is fun. I for the life of me can't do a pull up. But I can hold my weight up there for a few seconds. My goal is to do a complete pull within a few weeks. The pull up bar is amazing, makes you feel like shit, pushes you to get stronger. And don't believe the hype.... cut out diet sodas and other shit that isn't water. Who knows what that shit turns into. Fat? Sickness? Cancer? i dont know. But I stick with water. Oh and protien shakes!! I use fat free cholestoral free organic milk which is about 45 cals. a cup. And I use WHEY Protien. Throw it in the blender with some ice... fucking delicious. And an easy way to mix protien... is to mix it with yogurt. I use non-fat, 90 calorie no sugar yogurt.. usually vanilla flavored. another great alternative. AND NO MORE energy drinks. That shit hurts your heart and has lots of bullshit. Usually a banana will do it for me and give me an energy boost since a banana is so sweet. No pills, no gimmicks. Just fresh non processed foods thats good for you. LOTS of protien. Dee- Keeping it sparta
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