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  1. caiig, everyone swears by that place!! I've never tried it, but they're building one close-ish to my house so I might have to swing by sometime. what did you have? and describe in detail because I'm really into that food porn shit. symbols, hi!
  2. random thots: came here and said "i'm getting old" watching a shitty antonio banderes movie called automoto it's really dark, and it's only 6pm fuck yeah fall boogiehands
  3. brie and pear grilled cheese and some diet pepsi because i'm addicted to aspartame. :(.
  4. boatsnhoes, are you from vegas? That looks like some straight up Robertos.
  5. What's good and what's in your pockets? Nothing, wearing yoga pants. MOMxLYFE!
  6. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! Bed Framed, is he a rat terrier? I just lost my beloved Hachi last year who was the best dog ever. Was part rat terrier part... i think Chihuahua. He looked exactly like your dog, but a mini version. I never confirmed his breed (got him for christmas) and his vet said he looked only part rat terrier. I've been searching for months trying to find a similar breed but with no real luck.
  7. I spit my drink out @ mahu shorts!
  8. I used to, and probably still get anxiety around people. Sometimes I get anxiety attacks for no real reason.. just my brain triggering something? I mean so nervous I would have to wipe sweat off my forehead. But getting older I realized that anxiety has kept me from doing some some of the things I've always wanted to do and I wasn't having any of that shit. So I just keep that mindset and it helps. I remember I had to call into work once when I started teaching (I teach at an art college) because I was nervous as fuck and intimidated. So for a long time I struggled to turn that switch off, and started just throwing my self out there. And it worked... I wasn't gunna let anxiety run my life and I think i'm one of the lucky ones who could get a hold on it and correct it.. but I know some people struggle with hardcore cases of it. Also going to the gym and eating good helps regulate chemical imbalances in the brain and shit.
  9. Cinchedwaist! where is she now? shai, yes still in Vegas... i have a love hate relationship with being here. :)
  10. im sure she would of won if she showed tits. That's how i remember things working around here.
  11. Ha, same ol 12oz that I remember. Thank you for filling me in Realism :) (did she show her tits?)
  12. just for the "post photos of your food" thread. :)
  13. ^ I wish I could give you some magical explanation but I can't
  14. Ahh, so I get it now. She was on ANTM in 2009.. didn't win.. now has returned for a current "All Stars" edition of ANTM. I haven't watched that show in years and never watched it regularly, but it was on hulu+ so I said why not. MilkGrenades....... i'll check out the before and after thread! I remember she was my friend on myspace... but that doesn't count because she had like thousands of friends anyway. Didn't Makros/Markos has a crush on her? :) AND WHO IS SUNGLASS BITCH?
  15. The real question is do you remember this hoe before top model? and by hoe, I mean gal.
  16. A lot of people wanted to hit it on here
  17. My bad if there is another thread on this... or if this is super old ass news. But! I was just watching an episode of "America's Next Top Model" and saw this big eyed white girl that I swear I've seen before. Then I remembered who she was! And I remember we'd talk about her on here and I think she even got invited to 12oz.. I wanna say she signed up, was like "what the fuck is this?" and bounced. maybe I was just dreaming. But holy shit! Currently: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Allison-Harvard/61187136848 Back in the day: http://www.myspace.com/elisabeta wonk saggin.
  18. I've been here for 10 years and still have no good advice on where to go here.. Will you be here for the first friday of the month? (of any month?) First Friday's are usually poppin' here in Vegas and is the only thing I'll come out for. Art, Drinks, Food, Bands. It's pretty huge. It's downtown, 6 - 10 (later for the bars) Fremont Experience There is a new bar/arcade called INSERT COINS that just opened. It's on Fremont Street also, and heard it was pretty cool. I've been there to hang artwork for a show, and place looks fresh. fast, delicious mexican food: Roberto's Taco Shop...... 5 on every block. if you or your girl likes to shop there are lots of outlet malls that the tourist love, and Town Square is cool too. Good seafood buffet @ the Rio "M" hotel and casino has an excellent buffet (so i've heard) but the wait is like 2 hours. Have fun, and congrats on getting married.
  19. bunch of pretty little skinny ass white girls. <3 eva.
  20. Hi guys! Some advice, pls :(. I am teethering between the Canon Rebel T2i vs. the Canon 60D. I am swaying more towards the 60D because I am a very.. enthusiastic begginner in hopes of growing and learning more about photography, and I keep upgrading my shit every year. My very first camera that I loved was the Canon Powershot S2 is, which was recommended to me by a fellow 12oz'er yeeaaaaaaaaars ago, and from there I got new cameras... upgrading here and there.. and now I feel like I'm ready to mess with a digital SLR. (exciting!) I've heard that the Canon Rebel T2i is a good starter camera, but how about starting out with the Canon 60D? My last camera was the Canon g12 that I got for Christmas, and it's a great point and shoot, but I want more control, and want to invest in things like lens and a nice flash. Any help/opinion would be rad, and appreciated!
  21. yes, Kabar! and lol on DPC. yes! those were the days. platapie! me husband and i met him a long time ago when he moved to vegas for a bit. cheeeeeeeeee huuuuuuuu. 2001 crew.
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